email etiquette

Email etiquette [PMP #245]

We’ve all experienced the frustration of receiving an email that’s been sent in a rush that isn’t clear. Because the sender didn’t take time to proof their email or read it back, now you need to reply and clarify their intent. This slows everyone down and what’s most annoying is it’s easily avoidable.

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How to create a “master timeline” in Asana [VIDEO]

The ‘Timeline' view in your Asana projects gives you a very visual way of seeing your upcoming work. But the timeline only shows the timeline for that one project. Wouldn't it be great if you could create a timeline with tasks from more than one project so you can see more of your upcoming work? Well, good news! I've just recorded a new video showing you how to do just that!

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ask yourself this question

Ask yourself this question to boost your productivity [PMP #243]

I love simple productivity tricks; quick and easy things you can do to be more productive and organised.

In this post, I’d like to share the one question I ask myself to be more productive. This is a question I subconsciously ask myself dozens of times a day. This question helps me to identify what I need to work on next. It keeps me track and on time and helps me to avoid ever dropping the ball on a project.

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how I get clients

How I get clients [PMP #242]

I often get asked about how I find clients. My philosophy is simple:

Go to where your ideal clients are and be helpful

Following this philosophy means I never have to do any cold outreach to get clients. Everyone I work with comes to me. This is great because it means more of my time can be spent on working with clients and delivering value instead of finding clients in the first place. Not to mention, cold outreach isn’t very fun!

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Getting Started with TextExpander [VIDEO]

TextExpander is one of my favourite productivity tools because of how much time it saves me!

In this video, learn how to use TextExpander to store and retrieve text. TextExpander is great for storing things like email templates, links, corrections and other text you need to quickly retrieve. It's great for sales and customer service teams who need access to a shared list of email templates and sales copy to keep messaging consistent.

how do you measure productivity

How do you measure productivity? [PMP #241]

We all want to be more productive. We all want to get more done and achieve our goals as fast as possible. And there are loads of tools, techniques, habits and strategies we can use to try and improve our productivity. But how do you know if it’s actually working? When you set up a new project management tool, or start meditating in the morning, how do you know if these changes are helping? How do you measure productivity?

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