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my everyday carry

My everyday carry (EDC)

“Everyday carry” is a term used to describe the things we carry in our pockets on a daily basis. There are some beautiful images on Instagram of EDC gadgets and pocket accessories.

8 highlights from half a year of travel

8 Highlights from half a year of travel

I’m writing this post from Qantas flight 143 from Sydney to Auckland. After 17 flights, 26 beds, 6 countries and 15 cities, this is the final leg of our journey. After half a year of […]

Keep Fit While Travelling

How to keep fit while travelling

After my wife, Hayley, wrote about “making time” for health and fitness we got some great feedback from readers. Now Hayley is following up with a post on how to keep fit while traveling. When you […]

VLOG #19: Sunburnt in Galle

[youtube] After a hot scooter ride to Galle, we had a great weekend exploring Galle fort, taking selfies with the locals and being followed by stray dogs.

Vlog #18: Welcome to Sri Lanka

[youtube] Hayley and I made it to Sri Lanka. We’re here for two more weeks before we head back to Bali for a final week in paradise before returning home to New Zealand.

Vlog #14: Ha Long Bay

[youtube] We only have a few more days in Vietnam. Later this week we’re going to be “off the grid” for a few days trekking in Sa Pa and then at the weekend we […]