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The Paul Minors Podcast

The Paul Minors Podcast (PMP) is where I teach people about productivity, business and self-improvement. I started the podcast so that I could share advice and ideas in a bite-sized way. If you don't want to read my blog, you'll find almost every post available in podcast form. Episodes are short (usually about 15 minutes or less), get to the point and I also conduct the occasional interview.

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productivity blueprint

Productivity Blueprint

Confused by your productivity tools? This blueprint outlines the processes and tools I use to be more organised and achieve more in my business and home life. To explain more, you'll also get my FREE 3-part video training series where I'll explain 1) 4 simple steps to supercharge your productivity 2) common mistakes to avoid 3) the 10 productivity tools I couldn't live without.


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Book Summaries

Enjoy my summaries of popular productivity, business and self-development books. I started writing summaries for myself to help recap the books I've read. Now you can read any of my summaries for free, view the key takeaways and get an insight into what the full book is about. Please note, these are original summaries only, NOT the complete book. More summaries are added each week.


virtual consulting blueprint

Consulting Blueprint

A lot of people want to know how I was able to quit my job to work for myself. This blueprint outlines the steps I go through to make money online as a “virtual consultant”. You'll also get my 3-part video training series where I'll explain 1) the benefits of “virtual consulting” 2) common mistakes to avoid 3) the entire process of how to find an idea, get clients and sell your expertise.



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Check out my YouTube channel where I post videos about productivity, business, Asana and Pipedrive! Subscribe to keep up to date with new videos coming out each week.

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Recommended Tools

View my list of recommended tools. I love finding ways to be more efficient and automate boring tasks. These are the productivity and business apps I use to be more productive and run my business (without having to hire a team).


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Home Office

Check out my home office and the tools I use to do my work on a daily basis. Take a tour and see how I've set up my workspace for maximum productivity.