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Paul, I have to say you have really impressed me with this. Planning things out this way and using the apps/tools you've suggested has enabled me to feel back in control. Congratulations on a great program! 🙂

Sherina Holland
Sherina Holland PhD Student

I really enjoyed and got a lot out of your productivity course. I hadn't used these apps before, but you made it easy for me to give them a try, and I'm glad I did. I personally endorse and highly recommend your courses and products!

Ryan Wiggins
Ryan Wiggins Creator/Curator,
  • Paul Minors

    First comment.

  • “Thank for your time and support, I sincerely wish you build your own full time business on the future.” – Eduardo

  • “Congratulations for your blog. I have just discovered you, and I am impressed with how useful are your posts! Amazing! Keep going in that way, you are doing great! :-)” – Fernando

  • “The productivity plan has affected my thinking tremendously in the sense that I’ve discovered that as human beings we all have distinct gifts in which we all have to maximize and invest our time and cultivate those gifts. And personally you have helped me a lot. I really appreciate the acronyms ” SMART & DiSSS”, in which I was able to lay out my goals, long and short term goals accordingly. Certainly it makes things easier to achieve and also motivating. Above all, thank you sir for encouraging me to ‘go for it!’ I got encouraged to learn that am not the only facing the fear to stand out. May God continually bless you with wisdom to impact lives. God bless you sir Paul” – Kago

  • “I do apologize for not responding all this time. I just wanted to say thank you!! I followed your steps to the letter and it works smoothly! Thank you so much. You’re a lifesaver!!” – Milad

  • “Hi Paul! These 7 days were very interesting and useful, and they completely changed my life! Some things, which you talked about in the course, I did before joining you, but I’ve never had so big confidence that it were the right things.

    So, thanks to your course, now I have a long-time goal which inspires to work every day and good schedule where there is a time for everything: work, family, friends, sport and for myself.

    Anyway thank you very much for this course! It was amazing and it influenced my life like nothing before.

    Wish you good luck and success in your business!” – Denis

  • Mitchell Wilkerson

    As a 26 year old college graduate still struggling to manage my day to day mission – Paul’s writing, research and materials are everything I had hoped they would be, and then some. The traction I received from investing a relatively short amount of time is potentially astounding, the writing/work is very thoughtful. Forget about marginal improvements on the outskirts of your daily life and invest a short amount of time in yourself this week.

    • Hi Mitchell, thanks for the awesome feedback. I’m so glad you enjoyed the course. Please keep in touch touch! 🙂

  • Hi Paul. Just want to let you know that I really enjoyed and got a lot out of your productivity course. I was particularly impressed with your logic, and how teach breaking down larger, higher level goals into smaller, less scary tasks. And, how to hold myself more accountable with timelines. I’ve also been using Asana and Evernote as you recommend and I have to say that with the addition of your blog posts about these platforms, I’m way more organised across all of my devices, and in general. I hadn’t used these apps before out of fear of the unknown, but you made it easy for me to give them a try, and I’m glad I did. Thanks again. I personally endorse and highly recommend your productivity courses and products.

    • Thanks for the great endorsement Ryan. Stoked to hear you got value from the course and are using Evernote and Asana well ??

  • Hi Paul. Having recently completed your course, I’m just dropping in (again) to share one of my goals, keeping my self accountable. So, here it is: “To give my first book the best chance of selling and being successful, my goal is to build an email list of 1,000 subscribers for my monthly newsletter and I will work 5 hours per week over the next 6 months to make that happen. Thanks again.

    • Thanks for sharing Ryan. That’s a great goal and I’m sure is going to help a lot with your website. ?

  • Hey there Paul. Fantastic course you have here! I wanted to share one of my recent goals with you and your community. Here you go: “To give my upcoming inbound marketing book and course the best chance of selling, my goal is to obtain an average of 500 downloads per episode for my newly-launched podcast, and I’ll spend 2 hours solely dedicated to the launch and promotion of each episode via social media, forum marketing, and email outreach to reach this goal.”

    • Thanks for the feedback and for sharing your goals Nicholas! Great job on the new podcast, I love the really specific goal you’ve created!

  • Mwebembezi Dennis

    Well, I’m really grateful for this course, you have pointed out aspects i really ignored in my planning. And i must tell you, i am accomplishing much more than i used to. And i feel very great i even have more time for myself. Thank you

    • Hey Dennis, thanks for the nice comment and feedback. I’m really pleased to hear you’re getting more done. Can I ask, what was the most beneficial part of the email course for you?

      • Mwebembezi Dennis

        Day four (Scheduling your time) was so important to me. Right now, we are having exams at my University but i have been able to have all my side projects worked upon, and the rest are already on schedule, i have time to read, and i have time to rest as well. And by the way, your sunrise calendar works magic

        • Yeah Sunrise is awesome. I love side-projects! What are you doing?

  • Michelle Beaulieu

    Accountability practice: sharing my goal.

    My goal is to limit my client hours to 20-25 hours/week so that I can provide quality,
    attentive, effective psychotherapy, and to set aside 6-8 hours for
    administrative tasks, including notes and long term projects, so that I’m only
    working under 40 hours Monday-Friday by the end of January (and so that I don’t
    burn out or feel stressed about not having accomplished what I need to). I’ll
    continue like this until I feel like my professional obligations are more reasonable and manageable, and then I will incorporate self-care practices (like going to the gym and getting massages and continuing learning practices (like reading professional texts, participating in peer consultation) into my daily routine,
    so that I feel more balanced and have a sense of practicing what I preach to clients.

    • Great vision Michelle. I really like the different time budgets you’ve allocated to the areas of your life and incorporated how other important areas like health and personal care fit in 🙂

    • Hi Michelle, great work! I really like the time constraints you’ve set up. Out of interest, what kind of consulting do you do?

  • Josine

    Accountability practice: sharing my goal.
    My short time goal is to get 6 new clients for a training of mine In 6 weeks. The money I earn with this training will give me the time, peace of mind and resources to (1) pay the rent etc. and (2) get closure on financial setbacks of divorce (3) look for a solid partnership for this existing training program, and (4) will give the time and opportunity to focus on writing. My main goal is to be an expert in the field of entrepreneurship. I will continue to clear my plate of all past obligations and distractions till I live the dream, walking the talk.

    • Hey Josine, thanks for being so open and for sharing your goals. What sort of time frame are you looking to achieve this in?

      • Josine

        Hi Paul,
        For this short-term goal I only have 6 weeks. It must be possible if I am productive and focused in the time I scheduled for this acquisition period: 6 weeks and 2 full days per week, plus 1 hour per day during the whole period for follow-up and accountability. in total I planned 150 hours. Does this sound doable to you? grts Josine

        • It’s hard for me to say as I don’t know your normal routine, but certainly if you can stick to that time budget I don’t see why not. Good luck @disqus_Op4XVFRzp9:disqus!

          • Josine

            thanks Paul. Commitment plus accountability will get me stick to it… I hope:)

      • Josine

        Hi Paul,
        Just thought about it some more. I do want to be accountable myself of course, so I asked myself again: ‘is this doable’, and the answer is yes…with some adjustments in what the results must be. The training must start in February. That’s a fixed date already. But if I broaden my goal a bit to : earning enough money in 8 weeks ( Jan – Febr 2016) to put my past behind me, and get to focus on my future and big goals, then I can put more time and products in. 3 days per week fulltime and 1 hour every day for follow-up. That’s sounds doable and fun to me. grts Josine

  • Sherina Holland

    Accountability practice: sharing my goals. I have two 😉

    Goal 1: I want to complete my literature review for my PhD in six months, and publish a paper from its content. I will spend 10 hours a week on this project. I would like to publish three papers from my project, this will give me a great start. Completing my literature review in a timely manner and doing it well will help ensure my thesis is of a high standard so that I may be considered for the Deans list.

    Goal 2: I want to complete my PhD lab work by 31/10/2017 and hand in my thesis by 31/01/2018. I will spend 40 hours per week on this project (35hours lab/research, five hours writing, then soley writing for the last few months). I would like to have finished my PhD by October 2018 (including oral exam and any revisions), completing in this time frame ensures I can be considered for a range of awards (if my work is considered good enough) and will help me get a good job when I re-enter the work force. By working on my thesis as I go the quality of my writing will be better and I won’t be stressed out. Furthermore it will remind me/act as an incentive for me to keep things organised in terms of my results, note-taking, filing etc….

    Please note i am contracted to work 50hours per week on my PhD hence the division of hours 🙂

    • Hey Sherina! WOW, thanks for sharing such awesome goals, you’re such a hard worker and a real inspiration. I’m really glad you’re going through the 7DPP and can’t wait to hear your feedback. We’ll have to catch up for drinks soon! ??

      • Sherina Holland

        Paul i have to say you have really impressed me with this. Its taken me longer than a week – in fact i am still working through it all because I’ve had a lot going on and i want to do this properly. I am hopeful that this will really help me. My PhD is essentially down to me to structure/plan/do and i have four VERY hands off supervisors, subsequently i have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Planning things out this way and using the apps/tools you have suggested has enabled me to feel back in control, hopefully i can chip away at everything now and feel less stressed. Congratulations on a great program! 🙂

        • Thanks for the feedback Sherina, I’m really pleased it’s helped you out and you’re back on top of things. I was thinking about whether the emails should be staggered every two days, what do you think? This may help people implement the steps easier or do you think it’s best to just send each day and people can go through at their own pace?

          • Sherina Holland

            I think keep it as a seven day program re emails because people like the concept of changing things in just one week (I know I did) but maybe indicate that it can be worked through at any pace. I liked the daily emails and looked forward to them. Part of the reason it took me longer is I spent several days looking at (playing with!) all the various calenders and project/time management apps before deciding which to use. I have totally changed my morning routine – at my desk at 7am planning my lit review. Feeling a lot calmer. Many thanks!

          • Yeah I think the same. Thanks again for your feedback ?

  • Zahra Ichibi

    So my goal honestly is to create a web site and meet people how accomplish something in their life so that I will publish that interview in my new site web .
    also I want to start doing some projects in internet so that I can make some money .
    finally even it’s the important goal is to finish my second year in my school and get my diplome.
    but can you give me some advices about the first goal because I’m little scear about it I’m 19 year old 😀

    • Thanks for sharing your goal Zahra. Have you thought about how long you’re going to spend each week working on these goals?

  • Daniel Angelini

    I’m currently working on starting my own business and as many can relate, there’s never enough hours in the day! Paul’s 7-Day Productivity Program is a practical, concise and fun way to improve your productivity quickly. It becomes obvious where you can be more efficient after reading his book. If you have a list of business books to read, I highly recommend starting with this one.

    • Hey Daniel, thanks for the awesome feedback. I’m really pleased you got a lot of value from the course and book 🙂

  • Gar

    I’m only on day two but it has asked me to share my long term goals. No idea if I’m write or wrong in how they came out. I was in talks earlier this week with Paul by pure chance and he said to help with Anxiety I should try his 7 day plan. I was skeptical as with all these freebies there has to be a hook, it why they do business. But he was so kind and gave me a great example of someone who went through it. Thanks Paul.

    My goal is: To complete my last three assignments and graduate spending 72hrs per week and within three months. After I do this I will continue with my QTS until I become the confident English teacher I can be.

    • Awesome, thanks for sharing your goal. Please keep me updated on your progress and as discussed, I’m sure that by being more organised this will improve the anxiety and stress you’re feeling!

  • Nimra Ayyaz

    Here you go Paul , this is how I planned my coming me on the basis of day -2 of the productivity plan.

  • Nimra Ayyaz

    Hey Paul this Is what I figured out for the upcoming week. I hope the writing is legible.

    • Awesome work Nimra! Thanks for sharing the notes you’ve taken. Best of luck with getting into the university!

      • Nimra Ayyaz

        Yes we are 😀

  • Heather

    Sharing my goal
    My goal is to analyze what assignments I give my students and determine which ones provide the most value for grades. Rather than grading a great deal of smaller assignments, I want to put my energy into grading one or two larger, more comprehensive assignments that provide a stronger summative review of their work, and do table checks with the kids for the smaller assignments which will provide some formative information but not necessarily require a more detailed review of the work for grading purposes.

    • Hey Heather, this sounds like a really good initiative that’s going to make your life a lot easier and deliver more value to your students! Good job!

  • Amber Adams

    Accountability Practice! Sharing my goals.
    Goal 1: I want to build a YouTube channel (not as a personality), working six hours a week until the semester ends and 25 hours a week after. By July 4th, I want to have made $1,000 and by December, I want to have made enough money to give my mom and sister a trip to Florence, Italy for Christmas. After that, I’ll keep it on the side as a way of earning supplemental revenue, to support two things. First, to support my desire to continue travel, and second, to invest in other ventures that require more start-up capital, which I do not have.

    Goal 2: I also want to finish this semester with at least a 3.6 GPA so that I have a chance to go to Yonsei University in Fall 2017 through my school’s exchange program. I will spend 50 hours a week on this goal, not including classes. I’ll do this until the end of the semester, when I will spend more time for finals. Then, once I finish this semester, I’ll assess what works and what doesn’t for next semester.

    • WOW! @disqus_FDlzuJKwTE:disqus these goals sound awesome and I can tell you’ve put a lot of thought into them! I love how specific you’re being. Great job 👏

      • Amber Adams

        Thanks! I looked at my bucket list and thought about what items I could accomplish with what I had access to, and what other items those may enable me to accomplish in the near future. If I’m signed up for a course to learn how to be more productive, it doesn’t really make sense to be lazy when thinking about why I want to be so productive so I spent quite a bit of time looking over everything.

  • Maria Paula Berdugo Lara

    My goal is to find a job that makes me happy, and I will put 2h of each week day (will see the weekends) to re make my cv, do cover letter, find new options, etc. I would like to find it on Juin, so I will do this idealy just for 2-3 months.

    • Nice and simple goal! I feel that it’s so important to have a job you enjoy! All the best 😀

  • Alaina Tetrick

    Accountability practice: sharing my goal:

    “I will get a new job, new apartment and move to PA by July 9th while maintaining good self care habits. I will do at least 70% of my daily habits (on my daily habit tracker from Jeff Sanders).” My daily habit tracker has smaller weekly goals built in.

    • Hey Alaina, thanks for sharing your goal. Good luck with the job search and the move – lots of big changes.

  • Training to Coaching

    Short Term Goal

    I want to create a website that is a reference in the crossfit community, posting content that will help athletes to improve as well as invite people to make the jump and try crossfit without fear. I want the website to give me the opportunity to have a voice that is listened to with crossfitters around the world.


    I want to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours a week on the site. The intention with this time is to be able to post at least one article a week.

    Long Term Goal

    I want the website to be a portal through which I can make a living on being a Crossfit coach and collaborating with athletes and hopefully Crossfit HQ. I believe there is a lot of possibilities to create content and expand Crossfit’s reach with the general population.

    • Hey there. Thanks for the comment and for sharing your goal. Sound like you’ve given this a lot of thought and I like that you’ve added the time budget. Do you have any specific website traffic or revenue targets to aim for? Big fan of CrossFit, so please keep my in the loop on your progress 👍

  • Teresa Abney

    My goal is to finish the folder with all of our shared procedures in it. I want a document and a “how-to” power point for each process. I would like to have it done by the end of the year, and I can spend 5 hours a week on it. The long-term goal I will accomplish is that new people can have a resource, and we won’t have to keep working through the same process from scratch.

    • Great job Teresa! Nice time budget and clear goal. Although I reckon you could aim to do it sooner if you tried. What do you think?

      • Teresa Abney

        I probably can. I put that as the goal just because there are a lot of them.