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7-Day Productivity Plan7-Day-Productivity-Plan-eBook-small

Learn my simple 7-day process for completely revolutionising how you do your work. This ebook covers the essentials of productivity, from time management and goal planning to optimising your energy and focusing your attention. A quick and easy read available as an ebook (PDF, ePub, mobi) or audiobook (mp3).

“Paul, I have to say you have really impressed me with this. Planning things out this way and using the apps/tools you've suggested has enabled me to feel back in control. Congratulations on a great program!” – Sherina Holland

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the obstacle is the way book summaryBook Summaries

Enjoy my summaries of popular productivity, business and self-development books. Read any summary for free, view the key takeaways and get an insight into what the full book is about. Or you can purchase the downloadable summaries. Please note, these downloads are original summaries only, NOT the complete book.

“I love your summaries. They've helped me save so much time and so I can decide which books I want to read and learn more about. Thank you, Paul– Sarah Menlow

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Guidelines eBook (small)


Learn the secrets to improved productivity, relationships, business, health and life. Introducing Guidelines: The eBook that summarises the main lessons from 30 best-selling self-help books in one place. A quick and easy read available as an ebook (PDF, ePub, mobi) or audiobook (mp3).

“Guidelines is a collection of insights and carefully considered lessons that respect your time. Nothing is superfluous, and every insight is valuable.” – Bryce Bladon

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The Personal Productivity ToolkitThe-Personal-Productivity-Handbook-Book-Cover-(3D) V2

The Productivity Toolkit features my brand new handbook, coaching videos, worksheets, expert interviews and loads more resources. Learn how to get more done and create a productivity “system” and mindset for success with this epic download!

“Ok, so my latest man crush is this kid Paul Minors. It's kind of kinda crazy, this guy is so young but it's quite apparent he’s going places and his passion for productivity is contagious. I can’t stress enough how good this course is!” – Anthony Abbott

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How to become a “virtual consultant”

Learn how to monetise your existing skills, create a $1,000 – $5,000 income (on the side), free up your time and work from anywhere. In this program, I'll share the exact scripts, tools, systems and processes that I've used over the last 12 months to replace my full-time income and quit my job.

“This week I used Paul’s client proposal template and scored a large contract! And implementing some of his automation tips is saving me lots of time and repetition. I know I’ll continue to harvest this material and it’s nice to know it’s there to come back to. I highly recommend this program!” – Craig Kennedy

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