Become a VIP member and get access to my private Slack community full of like-minded productivity and self-improvement enthusiasts. Plus you'll be able to join bi-weekly mastermind calls and connect with other business owners and like-minded people.

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How to write book summaries ebookBOOK SUMMARIES

Download my library of productivity, business and self-improvement book summaries in PDF format. You'll also get my guide ‘How to Write Book Summaries' which explains my writing process.

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Guidelines eBook (small)


Don't have time to get through all the books on your reading list? Guidelines summarises the key takeaways from 43 best-selling self-help books in one place. A quick and easy read available as an ebook (PDF, ePub, mobi) or audiobook (mp3).

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HTAP Product PageHow to Automate Pipedrive

Download my 10-part video series and learn how to automate your Pipedrive account. These videos are based on the most common things clients have asked to automate. Normally the implementation of this type of automation costs between $5,000-8,000. Using my videos you can learn automation skills for a fraction of the cost.

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Master Asana

Follow the step-by-step process I've used with hundreds of clients to set up and optimise Asana for your business. Great for complete beginners and established users. You can also join weekly group calls and my private Slack community.

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The Personal Productivity ToolkitThe-Personal-Productivity-Handbook-Book-Cover-(3D) V2

Do you feel like there’s “too much to do”, your email is a mess, you feel overwhelmed and like you’re constantly falling behind? Do you wish you could be more efficient and maintain a productive routine? Go from overwhelmed and stressed out to super organised and efficient in less than 30 days!

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HTBAVC Product Page

How to Become a “Virtual Consultant”

Learn how to monetise your existing skills, create a $5,000 – $25,000 income, free up your time and work from anywhere. In this program, I'll share the exact scripts, tools, systems and processes that I've used to replace my full-time income, quit my job and build a thriving consulting business.

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