How to organise Apple Notes [VIDEO]

If you're an Apple Notes user, one of the main questions you'll need to think about when organising your notes is how best to organise your notes and whether to use Notebooks or Tags.

Notebooks – Think of these as the big categories. Or just think of them as actual notebooks i.e. you have one notebook for work, one for home, one for studying.

Tags – These are the topics that could be used within any note across notebooks. e.g. #howto #receipt #inspiration. Remember you can apply multiple tags but a note can only live in one notebook at a time.

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:52 – Folders
  • 4:59 – Tags
  • 7:10 – Smart folders
  • 8:26 – Sorting folders
  • 9:25 – Pin your notes
  • 9:47 – Outro