Daily habits every Pipedrive user should follow [VIDEO]

The success of a sales team comes down to building habits that support your sales goals. For example, being really diligent with following up on leads or keeping in touch with clients on an ongoing basis.

In this video, I talk about some of the daily habits every Pipedrive user should follow. When you log in to Pipedrive each day, here are the following habits you should try and adopt to ensure Pipedrive is being used effectively.

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Different ways to use TextExpander [VIDEO]

TextExpander (affiliate link) is one of my all-time favourite productivity tools. It's a great little app for Mac and PC that lets you store text that can be retrieved (or expanded) anywhere you type using little abbreviations known as ‘snippets'.

For example, if there's an email you send all the time, rather than keeping this text stored in a note or having to go through your sent email items and copy it each time, you can store the template in TextExpander and then spit it out using a snippet whenever you need to type that email.

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