How one customer made over $10,000 in his first month of consulting [PMP #107]

A few weeks ago I caught up a friend and previous customer of mine, Gareth Pronovost. Gareth purchased my How to become a “virtual consultant” program after being laid off and is now an Airtable Consultant. What's amazing is Gareth made over $10,000 in his first month of consulting. It's been great following Gareth's progress to see what's possible in the world of “virtual consulting”.

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company of one interview with paul jarvis

Company of One: Interview with Paul Jarvis [PMP #106]

In this podcast episode,  I'm very excited to be interviewing one of my favourite online people – Paul Jarvis.

As well as having a super cool first name (yep, I went there), Paul is someone I've looked up to for the last few years. Paul has been operating a company of one for over 20 years. He comes from a web design and development background and now spends his time helping people to grow better (not bigger) businesses. Paul is an online course creator. In fact, I purchased his awesome course, Grow Your Audience, earlier this year and LOVED it! And Paul is now working on his first book, Company of One.

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spending less and earning more

16 Tactics for spending less, earning more and living a “rich” life [PMP #104]

If you've followed me for a while you'll know I'm all about living a happier, healthy lifestyle where I can live on my terms. And part of living on your terms involves getting control of your personal finances. Money is one of the biggest things we worry about. But remember, it's not the money that's important, it's what the money allows us to do that really matters.

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adjusting to dad life

Adjusting to “dad life” [PMP #103]

Our little boy Jay is now just over 4 weeks old. I can safely say that the last month has been a rollercoaster of emotion and there really is nothing that can prepare you for becoming a parent.

In this post, I'd like to share my experience of what the last 4 weeks have been like and how I'm adjusting to my new role as a Dad (seeing that word, “dad” on the screen and associating that label with my identify still feels weird).

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