The Paul Minors Podcast [PMP #89]

As of today, The Productivity Podcast is now The Paul Minors Podcast!

I originally launched my podcast in May 2015 back when I was working full-time and my site was mainly about productivity. As times have changed, I'm now talking about other topics like business and self-improvement and it's time the podcast reflects that.

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being organised is a mindset

Being organised is a mindset [TPP #88]

Unfortunately, when we think about how to be more productive, we usually think about the tools and tactics we can use to save time and be more organised. But all this stuff is just the tip of the iceberg.

The real skills you need to develop in order to be more productive are the principles, habits and mindset you apply to your work. Tools are just a way of applying these principles.

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The pros and cons of working for yourself

The pros and cons of working for yourself [TPP #87]

It’s such an amazing time to be alive. Technology has made it easier than ever to start a business, generate an income online and even work for yourself full-time.

And the world is rapidly changing to become a freelancer dominated workforce. Last year, a Freelancing in America 1 study found that freelancers will make up over 50% of the US workforce by 2027. There are a number of benefits for freelancers (which we’ll get in to), but it’s also great for businesses. Hiring a freelancer means you can hire the right person, for the right job at the right time. This is often a lot more cost-effective compared to paying a full-time employee, their rent, office supplies and benefits.

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the book that changed me

The book that changed me [TPP #86]

A few months ago, I asked members of the Better Book Club:

Have you ever read a book that was impressive and powerful that your opinion/perspective on something was drastically changed? I'd love to hear what book changed you and why!

We had some great responses to this question but I realized I didn’t actually give my own answer to this question.

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