what can you control

What can you control? [PMP #170]

I really didn’t want to write about COVID-19 this week. It’s all anyone is talking about and I don't really want to add to the noise. Then again, it’s hard to write about anything else because everyone is pretty distracted right now. The best I can do is to share my thoughts on the best ways to respond to this crisis. So here goes…

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tips for teams going remote

Tips for teams going remote [PMP #169]

As the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies around the world, more and more companies are asking their employees to work remotely to slow the spread of the virus. While the Coronavirus is causing events to be cancelled and stock markets to decline there is an opportunity here for companies to trial remote work and actually come out the other end better off.

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sync asana with other tools using unito

Sync Asana with your other systems using Unito [Sponsored]

It's not uncommon for a team to use a variety of software tools to collaborate and manage their workload. Even within the same organisation, you may have different departments operating on different platforms. For example, your development team may be using Jira for task management while the marketing team uses Asana. This makes it a lot harder to keep everyone in sync about the status of their work and projects.

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why you should break from routine

Why you should break from routine [PMP #168]

Most of us have pretty consistent routines. We wake up at a similar time each day, eat the same thing for breakfast, go to work, answer email and follow a similar pattern each day. And this a good thing. Routine helps us to be more efficient and build productive habits. But every now and then, it’s important to break out of your routine. Here’s why…

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