ultimate guide getting started with pipedrive sales crm

Ultimate Guide: Getting started with Pipedrive (the best CRM for managing sales)

Pipedrive is a relatively new player in the sales CRM space but it’s quickly taken the industry by storm. Companies of all shapes, sizes and industries are flocking to Pipedrive as their go-to sales CRM. The platform is easy to use and provides incredible insight into your sales performance making it one of the best tools out there for closing more sales and growing your business.

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Vlog #12: Exploring Saigon

Hayley and I have had a great first few days in Vietnam. We crammed a lot in to our stay in Ho Chi Minh, met some wonderful people and can't wait to explore the rest of Vietnam.

Passive Income Book Summary and PDF

Passive Income by Richard Gadson [Book Summary & PDF]

Passive Income by Richard Gadson has 30 strategies and ideas to start an online business and acquiring financial freedom. Perfect for someone looking to escape the office and the 9-5 lifestyle. Full of tips and ideas on how to get started on your journey, this book covers everything from starting an online shop to selling eBooks on Amazon.

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50 positive habits book summary and pdf

50 Positive Habits to Transform Your Life by Michael Chapman [Book Summary & PDF]

50 Positive Habits to Transform Your Life by Michael Chapman is a quick and easy to read checklist of things you can add to your day to improve your life by implementing positive thinking and actions. From fitness goals, mental habits, emotions, lifestyle, personal habits and developments, Chapman covers all areas of life. If you need convincing on introducing these habits, Chapman's book has great personal examples of why adding these simple habits has made his life better and what life would be like without them!

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The Art of People by Dave Kerpen book summary and pdf

The Art of People by Dave Kerpen [Book Summary & PDF]

The Art of People is a guide written by Dave Kerpen on how to manage some of the most important people and relationships in your life. Kerne emphasises that people matter. They matter more than anything, in managing your job, career, life and relationships. People can make all the difference between an average life and a great life. This book has 11 handy tips on how to understand people, build better relationships and get the most out of relationships.

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The art of non conformity by chris guillebeau book summary and pdf

The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau [Book Summary & PDF]

The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau is a great read about how to set your own rules and get a little bit more out of life. Guillebeau emphasises that too many of us ‘settle' for the lives we lead, we need to set our own rules and start living a life that you are passionate and excited about. Guillebeau discusses ideas that can help you on your journey to create a life that may be ‘unconventional' but allows you to reclaim control!

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