unpacking paul minors

Unpacking Paul Minors with Dylan Bland [PMP #300]

Welcome to episode number 300 of the Paul Minors Podcast!

For this milestone episode, I asked my good friend, Dylan Bland, to interview me (similar to what we did for the 100th episode). In the first half, Dylan unpacks my history, how I got started with my business and how I view productivity. In the second half, we discuss a range of topics including productivity, technology, AI and the future of work.

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Getting started with Project Templates in Asana [VIDEO]

Learn how to get started with Project Templates in Asana. Using templates is a great way of creating a standardised checklist that outlines how to complete a repeatable project so that you and your team never miss a step. Using Asana templates is a perfect for setting up standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your business.

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How to manage sales follow-up in Pipedrive [VIDEO]

Learn how to manage your sales follow-up using Pipedrive. In this video, I share some best practices to get into and some mistakes to avoid. When you follow up more effectively you'll ensure no deal ever gets left behind and you can generate more revenue for your business.

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10 Hidden Asana Features [VIDEO]

We often show clients little features in Asana that get a big reaction. People tell us ‘WOW! I didn't know Asana could do that!'. So I asked my team, what are the features that you show people that they're most impressed by. Here's what we came up with.

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tell people what to buy

Tell people what to buy [PMP #296]

Over the weekend I visited a local hardware store to enquire about purchasing a line trimmer. This is the second time I've been to the store in the last month or so and on both occasions, I left disappointed without making a purchase. I’ve talked to two salespeople now and neither one had enough product knowledge to make a clear recommendation that would solve my problem.

What I need is for someone to understand my needs, talk me through a few viable options and make a recommendation on which option to go with. I want to feel confident that I’m making the right decision before I spend $500.

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Why you need a CRM like Pipedrive [VIDEO]

Not sure if you need a CRM? If you're currently using your email or a spreadsheet to track your sales leads, this video outlines the benefits of using a CRM like Pipedrive (affiliate link) to track your sales opportunities. Continue reading

growing by teaching

Growing by teaching [PMP #295]

I’ve shared previously on this blog that my primary motivation right now (as it has been for years) is to make my business more efficient. In my business, efficiency boils down to:

  • Generating the same (or greater) revenue in less time.
  • Delivering the same (or move) value to clients, in less time.
  • Streamlining and outsourcing administrative tasks.
  • Removing myself as the bottleneck.

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