How to get to inbox zero faster

How to get to inbox zero faster [PMP #250]

Email management continues to take up a huge portion of the day for most knowledge workers.

A McKinsey study found that:

  • On average, 28% of work time is spent on email.
  • We check email on average 11 times per hour.
  • 84% keep email open in the background while working.
  • 64% use notifications to learn about new letters.
  • 70% of all received letters open within the first six seconds after receipt.

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My advice to new independent workers

My advice to new independent workers [PMP #249]

2022 is the 7th year of running my consulting business and my processes and approach to making money online has certainly evolved over the years. If you’re a new or aspiring freelancer, coach or consultant then I’d love to help you save some time by sharing some of the advice I wish I’d heard early on (rather than having to figure it out on my own later).

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Conversion reports in Pipedrive [VIDEO]

Understanding what drives conversions in your business is crucial for maximising revenue. Do you know what marketing channels convert better than others? Do you know how different types of lead convert? Do you know how many inbound leads convert into customers or clients?

In this video, I demonstrate a couple of ways you can report on conversion rates in Pipedrive so you can better understand how effective you are at closing deals, what marketing channels and which salespeople are performing better than others. Continue reading

Asana File Download Manager in Bridge24 [VIDEO]

One of the limitations of Asana is that if you want to export attachments within a project, there's no easy way to do this in bulk. So if you want to back up the files in a project, you need to click through each task one by one. Fortunately, Bridge24 (affiliate link) makes it very quick and easy to bulk-download attachments within an Asana project.

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