Pipedrive Pricing Explained (June 2023) [VIDEO]

The nice thing about Pipedrive's pricing is that you can choose which plan to go on based on the features you need. This means you don't overpay for features you don't use (like you have to with other CRM's).

  • ESSENTIAL – Starting at US$14.90/mo. Great for getting started with a nice affordable plan. All the basics like contacts, Pipeline management, activities and basic insights etc.
  • ADVANCED – Starting at US$27.90/mo. Comes with email sync and workflow automation.
  • PROFESSIONAL – Starting at US$49.90/mo. Great if you want to send documents to be signed and more advanced reporting, dashboards and revenue forecasting.
  • POWER – Starting at US$64.90/mo. Includes project access for all users and increased limits on your teams, visibility groups and permission sets.
  • ENTERPRISE – Starting at US$99.00/mo – Additional security settings and features. Unlimited access, custom fields, reports, automations, visibility groups, teams and permissions.

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