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Need help with Asana?

I'll help you to optimise your project set up, integrate with 3rd party tools and train your team on Asana best practices so you can save time and focus on growing your business.


When you work with me, you get to work with someone who’s flexible and will adapt to your requirements. In general, when working with clients, I find projects usually follow a two step process:

1) Account audit and optimisation: We can start by reviewing, optimising and improving the team/project/task structure of your account to make sure everything is well organised and easy to manage.

2) Team training workshop: I can then run a training workshop to educate your team on the best practices so they don't get lost or overwhelmed by Asana. I even offer 30 days support and answer any additional questions in the Team Conversations area of Asana after the training is complete.

This is just one framework and I can customise the above process to your needs.

Start by booking a 30-minute introductory call with me (free and no obligations). On the call, I can learn more about your requirements, you can meet me and we can work out whether we’re a good fit for one another. I'll then send you a no-obligation proposal that addresses the specific problems and objectives that you'd like to work on.

Sarah Summerall

Paul was essential to getting us all on Asana and helping me overcome by change and decision making anxiety about switching to a new system. Further, he took the time to integrate Asana into Zapier and train me on how to use Asana/Zapier to automate important parts of our email communication process, that will save me the time of sending more than a thousand emails a year. He was very pleasant and easy to work with. Money well spent.

Sarah Summerall Summerall Law


David Burk is the CEO of The Electron Shop, a marketing agency based in San Francisco. David and I spent some time tidying up his account and training his team on how to use Asana. He was able to transition his team away from email over to Asana and improve company productivity by 20%. Here's what David had to say about how Asana has revolutionised how he runs his business:

David Burk

Hire Paul and learn that you can be more productive and reduce your stress levels. We’re glad we did.  Together, we launched a project management system with immediate adoption and compliance, and we are feeling better already.

David Burk The Electron Shop

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I’m not sure how to setup my projects and organise the work. If you’re new to Asana, working out how to structure your projects in the most effective way, can be a real challenge. Often, people end up with more projects than they need and by using sections and sub-tasks, you can organise your work in a much more effective way.

My team isn’t adopting Asana as I’d like. Making the shift to Asana takes time. During the transition, some people may struggle to use Asana and won’t like the change. I’ll show you how to avoid the most common mistakes so you and your team can worry less about the tools and focus more on doing the work.asana whalecorn new

I’m using Asana and would like to get more out of it. Asana is way more than just a to-do list. It can be used to plan a content calendar, manage client relationships, plan development and marketing projects and so much more. It’s a swiss army knife of possibilities and I’ll show you how to become an Asana expert.


At my old job, we tried a few different project management tools to organise our work, but none of them really stuck. We found lots of the options were too hard to use and didn’t help us with our work. Then we found Asana...

Asana is the perfect tool for running your business:

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  • Organise your work and create a sense of focus in your teamWhen you structure your work, it’s easier to focus on the work that grows your business.
  • Get everyone on the same page and working towards the same mission. Asana gives you a visual way of sharing your goals.
  • Make decisions quicker and focus more on the work. When you think in terms of “tasks” instead of “emails”, you naturally start to achieve more.
  • Create accountability and empower your team. When everyone knows WHO has to do WHAT by WHEN, you empower your team to take action.

As we started to organise our work in Asana, I quickly became the go-to person in the office for anything Asana related. I helped transition our company and 50+ staff over to Asana which we used for marketing, customer service, web development and other business projects. During this process, I learned a lot about what mistakes to avoid and how people can use Asana in the most effective way.

Bro Gilbert

Paul has been instrumental in quickly getting me and my company up and running in Asana with a customized, clear, simple and effective plan that everybody now understands and implements. Real Magic!

Bro Gilbert Paul Harris Presents

Who am I?

My name is Paul Minors. I've been using Asana for the last 3 years and think it's one of the best tools you can use to manage your work and improve your teams productivity. Whether you're planning projects, runnings marketing campaigns or maintaining client relationships, Asana is the perfect tool for managing your work. I've worked with a number of clients to help them get more out of Asana. My goal is to help you to master your tools so that you can spend less time worrying about the work, and more time actually doing the work and growing your business.

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Book a 30-minute introductory call to meet me & discuss consulting optionsBOOK A CALL