the ultimate productivity routine experiment

The “ultimate” productivity routine [Experiment][TPP#68]

There are loads of articles online about different types of productivity routines you can follow. Things you should and shouldn’t do. How to work and when to do what. But how do they all fit together and work alongside one another? How do you actually implement this advice? How do we turn these routines from a concept we read about to an actual part of our day?

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Keep Fit While Travelling

How to keep fit while travelling

After my wife, Hayley, wrote about “making time” for health and fitness we got some great feedback from readers. Now Hayley is following up with a post on how to keep fit while traveling.

When you consistently work hard on your health and fitness, the last thing you want is for all that hard work to go to waste when you're on vacation, travelling or away from your normal routine. Paul and I believe in “training for life”; being able to enjoy experiences, run up and down beaches, cycle through new cities and climb mountains to catch the sunrise without burning out.

When it comes to keeping fit on the go, what you do will largely depend on how much you want to do, whether you are travelling long term, for a quick holiday or on business. Regardless of where you are and the length of your stay, chances are you have a few options to help keep fit.

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Vlog #20: Flooding in Sri Lanka

Hayley and I had plans to go on a safari this weekend. But due to the flooding n Sri Lanka we couldn't make it. The area of Galle, where we were last weekend, was one of the worse hit areas and we're very thankful to be safe and dry in Colombo.

ask gary vee book summary and pdf

#ASKGARYVEE by Gary Vaynerchuck [Book Summary & PDF]

In #ASKGARYVEE, Gary Vaynerchuck responds to some of his most asked and most interesting questions from his popular show. He covers a range of topics from starting out in the business world, technology, education, and running a business with family to influencer marketing and emerging social media platforms. Whether your a new employee, a manager or starting up a side-hustle, this is a great guide with some humorous insights and useful real-world examples.

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4 Disciplines of Execution book summary and PDF

The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney [Book Summary & PDF]

The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney is an excellent guide to removing the distractions of the day-to-day tasks in your day job and being able to focus on ‘Wildly Important Goals' and execute these excellently. Using real life examples such as the ever-successful Apple and Steve Jobs, McChesney produces a straightforward and actionable step-by-step guide that could transform the way you and your team work.

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The First Time Manager Book Summary and PDF

The First Time Manager by L. Belker, J. McCormick and G. Topchik [Book Summary & PDF]

The First Time Manager by L. Belker, J McCormick and G Topchik is a great guide for anyone looking to step up in their career and take on the role of a manager. They cover different types of managers, different types of employees and discuss how to handle the transition from employee to manager. With plenty of tips and tricks on what to do and what to avoid this is a must-read!

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