How to start “life tracking” [PMP #95]

Last week I wrote about how to track your time. The premise here is that time tracking is a great way of measuring how productive you're being and identifying sources of distraction. However, you need to track your time and put this information to good use in order to make the effort of tracking worthwhile.

The same is true of life tracking.

“Life tracking” is my term for tracking the broader aspects of your life like your health, fitness, sleep, exercise, weight, finances, and habits. By tracking the different aspects of your life you can identify habits and trends that are helping or hindering your personal happiness, health, and wellbeing.

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How to find qualified leads with Leadfeeder [sponsored]

Since becoming an independent worker, one of the biggest struggles I’ve run into is getting new leads who are interested in my consulting services. Consultants, freelancers and coaches live and die by the quality of leads they’re able to attract. And it’s incredibly frustrating knowing that every day people are coming to my site and reading about my consulting options but I can’t see who these people are or how to reach them.

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how to track your time

How to track your time (the right way) [PMP #94]

So, you want to be more productive? Great!

Most people who are trying to optimise their productivity spend time trying different productivity tools, implementing new routines and saving time wherever possible.

This is all well and good but is it actually working? Realistically, it’s hard to know unless you’re tracking your time.

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