10 things i need to remind myself every day

10 Things I need to remind myself every day [PMP #128]

I recently read this post by Darius Foroux where he lists 14 things to remind himself each day and it really got me thinking. I decided to write my own list to see if I could identify any interesting patterns. I would highly recommend you take 10 minutes after reading this post to list any thoughts you find yourself repeating on a regular basis.

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exection vs perfection

Execution vs. Perfection: Where are you on the spectrum? [PMP #127]

Recently, the members in my VIP Slack group and I were on a group call. We were talking about this idea of where you lie on the “execution «» perfectionism” spectrum. In other words, do you focus more on executing on ideas and getting work done or do you often get stuck in a state of paralysis due to a need to make everything perfect?

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Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport [Book Summary & PDF]

Digital Minimalism​ is an ideal read for entrepreneurs who have a hard time focusing on producing their best work because of distracting technology. It’s a wake-up call for the younger generation, who have grown up in the anxiety caused by the digital world. If you want to hold long conversations and enjoy life without checking your phone every minute, then this book is for you, too.

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2019 crossfit open

Highlights and lessons learned from the 2019 CrossFit Open [#123]

Let me start by saying if you’re not a CrossFit fan, you may not get much out of this post. But if you’re still interested in hearing how I apply productivity to fitness, keep reading.

If you’ve never heard of the CrossFit Open before, it’s a worldwide competition that takes over a 5-week period each year. Each week a workout is announced and everyone around the world competes to get the best score. There are different divisions and the workouts vary slightly for men, women and masters athletes but essentially everyone is doing a very similar workout.

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Dare to Lead by Brené Brown [Book Summary & PDF]

Dare to Lead is the bible for courage-building in the workspace. Leaders and teams alike face serious problems showing up vulnerable at work; instead, they sabotage themselves, killing innovation and creativity. This book is about owning your fears, choosing courage over comfort and whole hearts over armour, and building an organisational culture based on bravery & vulnerability.

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