what I'll be working on as the economy slows down

What I’ll be working on as the economy slows down [PMP #265]

Like a lot of business owners, I’m concerned about the ongoing inflation that we’re experiencing and how it’s going to impact the economy. If I had to guess I feel there’s a high likelihood that things get worse, not better, over the next 12-18 months (maybe longer). My prediction may be wrong, but I'd rather be wrong with a plan rather than right without a plan.

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Pipedrive sales tips to save time and close more deals [VIDEO]

Any good salesperson should always try to improve their systems and processes to save time and close more deals. By improving your efficiency, you increase your capacity for how many deals/leads you can manage at once and ultimately you can increase your sales revenue. In this video, I share some Pipedrive productivity tips that help you to do just that.

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How Regular Meditation Is Helping Me to Be More Productive

How regular meditation is helping me to be more productive [PMP #263]

Meditation is a habit I’ve dabbled with on and off over the years. I first downloaded the Headspace app, which was my first exposure to meditation, in 2013. Over the years I’ve gone through periods of where I meditate regularly followed by long dry spells where I don’t meditate at all. As I’ve said on the blog before, I often use habits like meditation and journaling when I feel I need them.

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