How to make Pipedrive contacts more ‘searchable’ [VIDEO]

Pipedrive is my main ‘source of truth'. Meaning it's where I keep all my contacts; not just clients but everyone in my network. When using Pipedrive this way, it's important to use labels, custom fields and notes correctly to make your contacts easy to filter and search for later.

In this video, I show you a few of the ways you can better organise your contacts so that they're easier to find later.

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How to deal with ‘fires’ at work

How to deal with ‘fires’ at work [PMP #258]

Isn’t it frustrating when you’ve planned your time have a clear agenda for what you’re going to work on, only to receive an email or to have a colleague derail your day by coming to you with an issue that requires urgent attention? These ‘fires’ often require us to stop what we’re doing and put everything else on hold so we can deal with this seemingly important and urgent issue.

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