How to migrate team communication into Asana [VIDEO]

My team and I have been using Asana as our primary tool for communication since the inception of my business. By communicating in Asana, we can keep all conversations linked to our work and we don't have to switch between email and other tools to find our conversations.

In this video, I share some tips on how you can encourage your team to make this behavioural change and how to adopt Asana as your primary tool for communication. Continue reading

10 Time-Saving Pipedrive Automations [Video]

I'm going to show you some real automations from my Pipedrive account that I use to save time during my sales process. My goal is for this video to give you an idea of what's possible with automation and how you may be able to use these features in your business.

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Getting started with Portfolios in Asana [VIDEOS]

Learn how to get started with Portfolios in Asana. Portfolios help you to zoom out and see where you're at across numerous projects. You can visualise when different projects start and finish, what milestones are coming up and track the capacity of your team. Continue reading

How to manage renewals in Pipedrive [VIDEO]

If you sell a product or service that renews (e.g. monthly or annually), you may be wondering what's the best way to manage this process in Pipedrive. In this video, I explain how to set up your pipelines and how to use automation to generate automatic reminders about upcoming renewals. Continue reading

Which VIEW should you use in Asana? [VIDEO]

When you set up a project in Asana, you can choose between the list, board, timeline or calendar views. But which one should you use? I often find people use the view that looks the nicest based on personal preference rather than the best view for the project. In this video, I share some thoughts on when to use certain views:

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quality in

Quality » In [PMP #292]

Almost all of the Pipedrive and Asana clients we work with tell us the same thing – “We’re not getting as much as we can out of the tool”. A big part of getting more out of the tool is learning how to use the tool itself. But an often overlooked aspect is making sure you're inputting good data and keeping it up to date.

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How to create sales goals in Pipedrive [VIDEO]

Have you set any sales targets for 2024?

Pipedrive makes it really easy to set revenue, activity-based or forecast targets within your account. This helps you to hold your sales team accountable and helps with adoption as the team will have to keep Pipedrive up to date for their goal progress to be accurate. Learn how to set up goals in my latest video:

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