Visualising value

The other day, I was scrolling through Twitter and stumbled across the Twitter account, Visualize Value. The account shares simple yet thoughtful diagrams that depict important principles (I want to give full credit to this account for all the diagrams I’m about to share).

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its okay to waste time

It’s okay to ‘waste time’ [PMP #182]

I recently came across this Tweet by David Heinemeier Hansson (the founder of Basecamp).

In short, David shares a video of Joe Rogan condemning video games for being “fucking fun” and the cause of much wasted time. Joe talks about how you can use your life to become an expert in an industry, start a business, and become “successful”. Or you can waste your time playing video games.

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mixing digital & analog productivity with jeff sheldon [pmp #177]

Mixing digital & analog productivity with Jeff Sheldon [PMP #179]

For years I've been following the journey of Jeff Sheldon from Ugmonk.

Ugmonk is an online store that sells beautifully designed t-shirts, prints, and work accessories. Jeff started Ugmonk over a decade ago as a side business and it's grown to become a well-recognised brand (you've probably seen stock photos of Jeff's desk around the internet).

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