my everyday carry

My everyday carry (EDC)

“Everyday carry” is a term used to describe the things we carry in our pockets on a daily basis. There are some beautiful images on Instagram of EDC gadgets and pocket accessories.

I’ve been refining my own selection of EDC tools and would now like to share my current everyday carry:



Let’s start with the basics. My smartphone of choice is the iPhone. I’m currently rocking the iPhone 7 and will very soon be upgrading to the iPhone X. I’ve been using the iPhone for the last 6 or 7 years and haven’t considered switching even for a second. Longtime readers will know that I live in the Apple ecosystem and the iPhone is an essential part of my EDC.

Apple Watch (series 2)

At first, I was sceptical of the Apple Watch. I thought, why would I possibly want or need notifications on my wrist?

Over time the allure of the Apple Watch sucked me in and when we were in Japan earlier this year, with the incentive of buying one tax-free, I finally gave in. I purchased the Series 2 in aluminium with the black sport band (pretty much the cheapest version of the watch you can get).

Since purchasing, I’ve quickly fallen in love with the Apple Watch.

I love the sport and health tracking. As a fitness freak, I love all the data it collects about my daily activity. Heck, I even wear it to sleep and use an app called Sleep Watch to track my overnight heart rate.

The thing with the Apple Watch is you have to get the notifications right. I’ve turned off most of the alerts so that my watch doesn’t constantly ping me during the day. Therefore, the things I do get notified about, are usually very useful. I enjoy being able to quickly reply to text messages, control music/podcasts and the new Siri compilation shows me my upcoming appointments.

So yeah, I’m a total convert…

Bellroy Card Sleeve

edc wallet

I’ve been using Bellroy wallets for the last 4 or 5 years. I’ve had various Note Sleeves (one of Bellroy’s most popular wallets) and am currently carrying the Card Sleeve.

The Note Sleeve is great for carrying a healthy selection of cards with plenty of room for cash and coins.

I slimmed down to the Card Sleeve in June as New Zealand is very much a cashless society and I can get away with not carrying cash. The Card Sleeve is super stealth and it means I don’t have to bulk out my pockets.

Bellroy design and manufacture beautiful wallets and with Christmas coming up, they make great gifts!

Tile Mate and Tile Slim

edc tiles

Into my Card Sleeve, goes a Tile Slim. The Tile Slim is a credit card sized tracker that I can use to find my wallet should it go missing. With the Tile App, I can locate and even ring my wallet to find where it’s hiding.

I like to keep my keys nice and minimal and the Tile Mate is literally the only keying I have.

Fortunately, I don’t lose my wallet or keys all too often, but it’s nice to have the security when I do.

B-2 Nano Blade

The B-2 Nano Blade is a tiny tactical knife I backed on Kickstarter earlier this year. In fact, the manufacturer, Bomber and Co claim it to be the world’s smallest tactical blade.

I’ve always loved the idea of carrying a pocket knife. My Dad has carried a multi-tool since I can remember and they’re incredibly useful to have around. The problem I have is most knives are bulky and I don’t want to bulk out my pockets.

When the B-2 came onto my radar, I found the solution. It’s incredibly tiny. The photos don’t do it justice. It’s so small I can put it in the little coin pocket of my jeans and I forget it’s even on me (I sometimes have to touch my pocket to make sure I still have it).

The B-2 is an incredibly well made and durable knife that’s become the latest edition of my EDC (I was waiting to receive it before writing this post).

MOO Luxe Business Cards

Being a “virtual consultant” I don’t have a whole lot of need for business cards. But in preparation for a conference, I thought it was time to get some business cards. As I don’t need that many, I thought I’d splash out and get some MOO Luxe cards. These bad boys have a 600gsm thickness and a coloured border along the edge of each card. They’re beautifully designed and are anyone who receives one will have a hard time bringing themselves to throw it away.

What’s in your EDC?

I’d love to see your EDC. If you’d like to share, take a picture of your pocket gadgets and upload a picture in the comments.