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my everyday carry

My everyday carry (EDC)

“Everyday carry” is a term used to describe the things we carry in our pockets on a daily basis. There are some beautiful images on Instagram of EDC gadgets and pocket accessories.

missing the point

Missing the point

On Sunday, we went to a waterpark here in Bali and we had a great day zooming down slides and drifting around in inflatable tube. During the day, I noticed a huge number of people […]

Deleting unused iPhone apps

It’s crazy how quickly our phones become cluttered with apps that we think we need, but no longer use. Earlier today (and quite spontaneously) I decided to go through my phone to delete some unused […]


I’ve been using the iOS7 beta since it’s release in early June and overall I’m really pleased with this radical re-design from Apple. Under the command of Sir Jonny Ive, iOS7’s flat/semi-transparent/deeper user interface is a pleasure […]

Reaching 10,000 Downloads

We just reached 10,000 downloads across our two apps: Geek Me and Flying Fun. It feels like ages ago that we started our journey in the App Store and reaching 10,000 downloads is extremely pleasing. […]

Going Wallet-less

I used to cringe at the sight of iPhone cases that had card holders designed into them. In my opinion these cases added unnecessary bulk to the iPhone and detracted from it’s near perfect design. […]