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my everyday carry

My everyday carry (EDC)

“Everyday carry” is a term used to describe the things we carry in our pockets on a daily basis. There are some beautiful images on Instagram of EDC gadgets and pocket accessories.

missing the point

Missing the point

On Sunday, we went to a waterpark here in Bali and we had a great day zooming down slides and drifting around in inflatable tube. During the day, I noticed a huge number of people […]

Deleting unused iPhone apps

It’s crazy how quickly our phones become cluttered with apps that we think we need, but no longer use. Earlier today (and quite spontaneously) I decided to go through my phone to delete some unused […]


I’ve been using the iOS7 beta since it’s release in early June and overall I’m really pleased with this radical re-design from Apple. Under the command of Sir Jonny Ive, iOS7’s flat/semi-transparent/deeper user interface is a pleasure […]

Reaching 10,000 Downloads

We just reached 10,000 downloads across our two apps: Geek Me and Flying Fun. It feels like ages ago that we started our journey in the App Store and reaching 10,000 downloads is extremely pleasing. […]