How to onboard a new salesperson to Pipedrive [VIDEO]

One of the biggest challenges with any piece of software is getting your team to use the tool properly.

When onboarding a new employee to Pipedrive, you need to follow the correct process to ensure they adopt the CRM and its best practices effectively. Pipedrive is the kind of tool where the quality of reporting and what you get out of it is determined by how it's used. Hence why onboarding your team correctly is so important! Here's a checklist you can go through when onboarding a new salesperson.

  • Before you invite them, check your permission and visibility settings. Do they have the right level of access?
  • Invite to Pipedrive.
  • Have them connect their email and calendar accounts.
  • Explain your pipeline flow, lead inbox, stages, activities, lost reasons and custom fields.
  • A good way to do this is to create an example deal and walk through each stage.
  • Talk about your own internal best practices e.g. how often to follow up, what email templates to use, how to record notes and information.
  • Show them how to monitor their process with reports.
  • Create some goals (revenue or activities) to hold them accountable.
  • Assign them some open deals.

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