What is Pipedrive’s role in your business? [VIDEO]

This is a great question to ask when getting started with Pipedrive.

What I find most people do is they just dump it on their team with no plan around usage. It's important to set expectations within your team. You don't want some people using Pipedrive for one area, others using it differently and ending up with confusion around what it's supposed to be used for.

Pipedrive can do a lot. But it can overlap with other tools. So you need to decide, what are you going to use it for?

  1. Source of truth for all contacts, notes and information (or is this another tool like Mailchimp).
  2. Tracking email communication.
  3. Triggering email automation.
  4. Managing deal follow-up.
  5. Are you going to use it for post-sale as well? Or just sales?
  6. How will it play a role in terms of reporting and revenue forecasting? Or will you rely on other tools?
  7. Storing documents?

For me, Pipedrive is at the centre of a lot of the tools I use e.g. Calendly, ConvertKit, Asana all stem out from Pipedrive.

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