mixing digital & analog productivity with jeff sheldon [pmp #177]

Mixing digital & analog productivity with Jeff Sheldon [PMP #179]

For years I've been following the journey of Jeff Sheldon from Ugmonk.

Ugmonk is an online store that sells beautifully designed t-shirts, prints, and work accessories. Jeff started Ugmonk over a decade ago as a side business and it's grown to become a well-recognised brand (you've probably seen stock photos of Jeff's desk around the internet).

Listen to my interview with Jeff here:

What I love about Jeff's business is that he likes to keep things small. Rather than producing large runs of each design of a t-shirt, Jeff keeps the business small and manageable so that he can balance his work and personal lives.

Jeff often shares behind the scenes of how his products are made and how he does his work. He uses both digital and analogue systems to organise his projects and plan his time.

A few years ago, Jeff ran an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $430,000 for his desk organiser, Gather. And now, he's running a new campaign for his new task management system, Analog. While I'm not a big user of analogue tools, I really like the idea of writing down your key tasks on a tangible notecard and can't wait to try it out myself.

If you'd like to support Jeff's campaign, you can learn more here.

Please note: I am NOT being paid by Jeff to promote Analog in any way. I genuinely enjoy following Jeff's work and wanted to support what I am sure is going to be a successful Kickstarter campaign.