How to use Pipedrive on a daily basis [VIDEO]

Like any tool, the value you get out of it is based on how well you use it. And using Pipedrive effectively depends a lot on how you use it on a daily basis. It's important to adopt the right habits and have a good process for following up with leads, keeping deals up to date and recording your notes and activities correctly. In doing so, fewer deals will fall through the cracks and you'll start closing more sales!

Here's a summary of the key habits I often share with clients:

  • Work from the activities page to manage your follow up.
  • Copy emails into Pipedrive using the Bcc address (Essential) or email-sync (Advanced-Professional).
  • Make sure you keep good notes on your deals for future reference.
  • Make sure you log all follow up calls, emails etc. so you have a record of each interaction with a lead. This also helps you report on the number of activities each user has completed.
  • Update your ‘expected close dates' so you can forecast sales.
  • Sync important activities to your calendar using the one-way sync.
  • Use the contact timeline to maintain good client communication.

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