How to streamline your business with Asana [VIDEO]

When getting started with Asana, it's tempting to jump straight in, set up a few projects and start playing with all the features. When I work with clients 1:1, I challenge them to think about how the tool is going to help them to run a more efficient business. How will it actually increase your capacity, save you time and support your team? A lot of users skip this kind of big picture thinking but it's important if you want to get the maximum benefit from the tool.

In this video, I discuss how you can use Asana to streamline processes in your business. This is a useful video for those people considering switching to Asana, or Asana users who want to get more out of the tool and really use it to increase efficiency in their business.

  1. Use “Goals” to clearly communicate company and project goals.
  2. See an overview of your current projects with Portfolios. This means fewer meetings to find out where things are at or what to do next.
  3. See your team's workload so you can allocate and assign work more efficiently.
  4. Create project or task templates for your projects and standard operating procedures (SoPs).
  5. Centralise communication in Asana so you don't have to switch tools as much. Keep conversations linked with the work.
  6. Centralise notes and documents alongside your tasks and projects.
  7. Connect Asana with your other tools and workflows using Zapier. e.g. connect to a CRM, eCommerce, or marketing system.
  8. See WHO is doing WHAT and by WHEN. Again, fewer meetings. More visibility and accountability.