guidelines 30-best-selling books summarised in one place

Guidelines: 30 best-selling books summarised in one place

I'm extremely pleased to announce that my new ebook, Guidelines, is going on sale tomorrow! Today, I'd like to give you all the details of the new book (including price) and the launch promotion that I'll be running this week…

What is Guidelines?

Guidelines is the ultimate book summary. Available as a 68-page ebook and 97-minute audio book. Guidelines lists 27 rules (or guidelines) that you should follow to improve your productivity, become a better leader, do better in business, improve your health and succeed in life. Guidelines digests the best points from over 30 best-selling books like The 4-Hour Work Week, The Miracle Morning and The Obstacle is the Way into 27 specific and actionable guidelines.

Here’s what you’ll get out of reading Guidelines:

  • Learn the 27 proven action steps to help you do better work (backed by over 28 best-selling authors).
  • Most of the self-help advice you hear is too general and fluffy. Learn the most common tips that dozens of authors recommend.
  • Give me 97 minutes and I’ll summarise the main lessons from over 30 best-selling books (better than taking years to read them all individually).
  • If you want to read and learn more, but don’t have time, this is the ultimate book summary for you.

If you want to take a sneak peak inside the book, click here to download a sample chapter from the book.

Guidelines is launching next week on June 27th. If you’re not already on my email list, you can receive updates about Guidelines by signing up today. The easiest way to do this is to download my book summaries which will keep you busy until the launch.


How much will it cost?

You can get the Guidelines ebook for just $9, or the ebook + audio book package for just $14. Please note, these prices are valid for this week as a special launch discount. After that, the price will be going up…

Who is this book for?

If you love reading self-help books, improving yourself and learning more… If you’re interested in business, productivity, entrepreneurship, health and getting more out of life… And if you want to become the best possible version of yourself, then Guidelines should be the next ebook on your digital shelf.

In particular, Guidelines is great for you if you fit into either of these categories:

Do you enjoy reading but struggle to find the time to pick up a book?
Reading is highly beneficial and a great way to improve yourself. The only issue is finding enough time to sit down and actually read. On top of that, there are so many great books to choose from, we often end up with more books to read than hours in the day…

Do you like the advice you read but then forget to take action?
This is another common problem – we get so caught up trying to read more and more, it’s easy to lose sight of the purpose of reading which is to learn new things. Taking action after reading a book isn’t always easy, which is why I’ve written Guidelines. It digests the most important ideas down into the actionable things you can do to be better.

Okay, that's all from me for now… Keep an eye out tomorrow when you'll be able to grab Guidelines.