company of one interview with paul jarvis

Company of One: Interview with Paul Jarvis [PMP #106]

In this podcast episode,  I'm very excited to be interviewing one of my favourite online people – Paul Jarvis.

As well as having a super cool first name (yep, I went there), Paul is someone I've looked up to for the last few years. Paul has been operating a company of one for over 20 years. He comes from a web design and development background and now spends his time helping people to grow better (not bigger) businesses. Paul is an online course creator. In fact, I purchased his awesome course, Grow Your Audience, earlier this year and LOVED it! And Paul is now working on his first book, Company of One.

For years, Paul has been challenging popular ideas surrounding growth. His article, Happiness and gravy, had a big impact on me and I can safely say that Paul has helped shape the direction of my business.

By default, we are programmed to think that growth is good, especially when it comes to business. But when you grow a business, you often create more stress, increase overheads and lose flexibility and control. This is why I don't want to scale my own business and why I'm happy working primarily on my own with a few contractors when needed.

As you might have noticed, I don't do a lot of interviews but I was super excited to meet and chat with Paul. Enjoy our conversation:

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