how to travel the world and work for yourself with matt kohn

How to travel the world and work for yourself with Matt Kohn [TPP#39]

Welcome to Productive People, my blog and podcast series dedicated to learning from productive people who are smashing their goals and getting stuff done.

In this episode of the Productivity Podcast, I talk to Matt Kohn from all about how he travels and freelances while working remotely. I really enjoyed recording this episode as it was a great opportunity for me to learn more about how to plan your travels and what mistakes to avoid. My wife, Hayley, and I are planning a trip for next year and Matt delivered a tonne of useful advice in this episode which I'll be sure to remember during our trip.

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Show notes

  1. Who is Matt Kohn and what do you do? (2:46)
  2. With your freelancing work is it quite spontaneous, where do you find clients? (4:19)
  3. What does your daily routine look like? How do you allocate time between work and travel? (5:33)
  4. Why is travel important, especially for 20-somethings? (10:15)
  5. For someone like me planning to travel, what do I need to do now to prepare? (15:00)
  6. What are some things you took on your travels that you didn’t really need? (18:33)
  7. What about the money? How do we fund our travels? (22:28)
  8. How a cheaper cost of living gives you more time to start a business. (28:12)
  9. What mistakes do people make when travelling? (30:08)
  10. What have you found to be the most common habits and processes among highly productive people? (34:13)
  11. The importance of focus (on ONE thing) from a productivity standpoint (40:41)
  12. What are some of the tools and apps you use as part of your workflow? (44:45)