sync asana with other tools using unito

Sync Asana with your other systems using Unito [Sponsored]

It's not uncommon for a team to use a variety of software tools to collaborate and manage their workload. Even within the same organisation, you may have different departments operating on different platforms. For example, your development team may be using Jira for task management while the marketing team uses Asana. This makes it a lot harder to keep everyone in sync about the status of their work and projects.

This is where a tool like Unito comes in. Unito allows you to connect tools together, keeping everything in sync. So if the marketing team who uses Asana needs to have visibility of the development team's workload in Jira, you can create a sync between the two. Then, as work in Jira is added or updated, this will be synced to  Asana for the marketing team to see.

unito integrations

This means:

  • Teams can collaborate across platforms without having to have a separate login for each service.
  • Everyone is kept up to date with the status of work, reducing the number of back and forth emails.
  • Employees don't have to learn how to use multiple platforms.

But Unito isn't just for teams to collaborate with one another. It's incredibly useful for working with clients as well. For example, if you are working with a client that uses Trello but you're already a big Asana user (like me), then you can set up a workflow so that when the client creates or updates tasks in their Trello account, they'll appear in your Asana account. You can get to work, update tasks and mark tasks as complete from Asana and these changes will sync to Trello and the client doesn't even know that you're not using their tool.

I was recently approached by Unito who explained to me how their tool can be used to connect different tools together. Being a massive Asana user, I was very interested to hear how Unito could streamline my workflow.

I'll admit, at first I wasn't sure how this would help me. Then, when they explained that I could sync my client's systems to mine, I was instantly convinced. I'm working with a client at the moment and we have a big project set up in their Asana account. One of the challenges I've always run into is having to constantly switch between my Asana account and the client's. It means I have multiple task lists and multiple inboxes to check. And I work with dozens of clients at once, so it can get pretty annoying to check all these different accounts.

Now, with Unito, I can sync the two different Asana accounts together and do everything from my account:

unito asana sync

As you can see, I've set up a two-way sync between the client's project (Asana/Pipedrive Consulting) and a project in my account (Dotcom Design).

When setting up the sync, I chose to use a ‘bot account' when updating my workspace. This is where you set up a fake user (which I've called Jarvis, i.e. from Iron Man) to post the updates to your account. This is required if you want to be notified in your inbox about the updates. If you use your own account, because the updates are coming from you, you won't receive a notification.

Setting up Unito is very easy. There's no technical skill or development work required. You simply choose the two tools you'd like to connect and you can set up filters to only sync the tasks you need. Once you're ready, you can use test mode to test the connection before you activate the live sync.

So, if you're team is struggling to keep work in sync across multiple tools. Or if you want to collaborate more effectively with clients. Sign up to Unito and start their free 14-day trial.