How to set up a new project in Asana [VIDEO]

The following video is a sample lesson from my new Master Asana program. In the video, I explain how to set up a new project and all the features that come with it like the timeline, fields, filters and status updates.

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In this video, we’re going to set up a new Asana project. We’re going to cover: Creating your first team (and team settings), layout options, filters, how to copy and paste tasks, how to bulk-edit tasks, how to use colours to show the type of project, using a naming convention to help organise different types of project and how to link tasks to multiple projects.

Often clients ask, how detailed do you need to be?

Your projects can start quite high-level and get more specific as your adoption of Asana improves or as the project progresses and you have more information.

Use subtasks to assign work to other people and involve them in the same task. Or, subtasks can be used a checklist of things that the main assignee has to do.