10 Tips for using the Asana Timeline [VIDEO]

The timeline view in Asana is great for longer projects that have a deadline you need to work backwards from. Timelines help you to visualise which tasks need to be completed before you can progress to the next task or phase of a project so you can keep your team focussed on the work that matters most.

  1. 1:51 – Sort by start date. Easier than organising by section.
  2. 3:01 – Save as default if you'd like to always see the timeline.
  3. 3:41 – Use custom field colours to assign meaning (e.g. status, team)
  4. 4:45 – Create dependencies to create a critical path.
  5. 6:19 – Check dependency conflict settings.
  6. 7:41 – Highlight the critical path (the longest chain of dependent tasks)
  7. 8:35 – Use milestones for key deliverables and deadlines.
  8. 9:46 – Configure buffer and weekend settings.
  9. 10:47 – Click and drag with the mouse to make bulk-changes.
  10. 10:45 – Check out my other video to learn how to create a master timeline.

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