10 Best features of 1Password [VIDEO]

First, if you've never used 1Password before, check out my getting started guide. Once you're set up, here are my 10 favourite features of 1Password.

  1. It's not just for passwords. Think of it as a digital safe for all your important stuff. eg. credit cards, passports etc. really handy to have this information on the fly. Store other stuff like notes, backup codes, related files etc. with all your login information. So now you don't have to keep this stuff saved in files or in notes.
  2. Auto-generate strong, unique passwords.
  3. One-time passwords. No more waiting for SMS messages (less risk from sim swapping).
  4. Easily fill passwords in Safari and Chrome. It's quicker to log in. No more password resets. No more guessing which of your common passwords you used.
  5. Unlock with your fingerprint, Apple Watch (MacOS) or face (iOS).
  6. Watchtower. Get alerted when your passwords are vulnerable or have been included in a security breach.
  7. Family and work sharing. Share passwords with your family and colleagues.
  8. Account recovery. With family sharing, if I lose access to my account, I can recover it from my wife's account.
  9. Syncs across devices, very fast!
  10. Very secure. Even if I gave you my 1password, you'd still need my secret key. Prevents phishing by recognising the site you're on, never saves your passwords to the clipboard, you can even protect yourself with a hardware key.

If you want to learn more about how I use tools like this to be more organised, then check out my Personal Productivity Toolkit.