the productivity habits of a freelance photographer

TPP #19: The Productivity Habits of a Freelance Photographer

Welcome to Productive People, my blog and podcast series dedicated to learning from productive people who are smashing their goals and getting stuff done.

In this episode of the Productivity Podcast, I talk to Anthony Gauna all about his productivity habits as a freelance photographer. In 2012, after being fired from his job, with no money and no business experience, Anthony set up his own photography business

“As I was being escorted out by security my boss told me, “Good luck”. I responded, “I don’t need your luck”.” – Anthony Gauna

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Show notes

  •  An introduction to Anthony and his transition from 9-5 grind to photography freelancer (2:20)
  • What have been the biggest challenges you've had to overcome while growing your own photography business? (12:45)
  • How did you overcome the challenges of creating a work-life balance as a freelancer who works from home? (14:50)
  • As a photographer, what is your approach to task management and organising your photography gigs? (17:20)
  • What are some of the biggest productivity challenges and time-consuming tasks for photographers? (21:18)
  • What are some habits or processes you've changed to help deal with these time-consuming activities? (23:07)
  • What are the 80/20 principles within photography that people can use to take better photos? (29:14)
  • As someone who works for himself, what's your daily routine and what daily rituals have you adopted? (31:58)
  • What is your approach to time management and using your calendar to stay organised? (40:40)
  • As a fan of Dwight Schrute from The Office, what's your favourite office moment? (48:50)
  • [DON'T SKIP THIS PART] I hear you can do a very realistic meow sound, can you demonstrate for us? (51:58)
  • Do you have any final words of wisdom for people interested in going down the freelance route or people who are interested in photography? (53:25)

Useful links

  • Pixifiy – Client management software for photographers.
  • 6 Phase Mediation – A guided meditation video Anthony uses to focus his mind.
  • 1 Giant Mind App – Meditation app that helps you to focus on your own mantra.
  • Adobe Lightroom – Photo editing software.
  • Photo Mechanic – Used for photo uploading and browsing your photos. It's much quicker than trying to go through lots of photos in Lightroom.
  • VSCO Keys – Turns your keyboard into sliders for editing and playing with filters. It's been discontinued, but still works, for now…

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