Power up your tech stack with Jotform

A lot of my clients who use Asana and(or) Pipedrive use the built in forms options to collect leads and streamline their workflows. However, in both Asana and Pipedrive, the form builders and integration options are pretty basic. This is okay for simple workflows, but sometimes you need something a bit more powerful.

Jotform is my go-to recommendation when my clients need a capable and but easy to use form builder

The thing I like most about Jotform, is that it's really quick and easy to build a form. Jotform has all the field types you need and it's very quick and easy to create a powerful form. You can customise the look and feel of the form to make it consistent with your brand and the forms look great on any device.

In particular, I like being able to add in conditional logic to turn on or off different sections or questions based on the answers to previous questions. Recently I was working with a client and based on the users zip code we were able to change the subsequent questions in the form to collect additional information.

With Jotform, you can also integrate 3rd party payment providers like Square, Paypal and Stripe. A client I worked with a few years ago sold spots in her painting workshops using Jotform with the Paypal integration. Especially for someone not as confident with technology, Jotform made the process really simply.

And with Zapier you can connect Jotform to any of the other tools you use. With one of my long-term clients, they have Jotforms for things like customer service, client onboarding and content submissions. Using Zapier we can generate Asana tasks for their team when the different forms are filled in.

If you find Asana or Pipedrive's built in forms limiting, I highly recommend Jotform. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!