may 2016 monthly report

May 2016 Monthly Report [TPP#38]

IMAGE: Swimming at Omaha Beach (it was super warm earlier in the month, now the temperature has plummeted).

Last month I was highly focussed on writing my new ebook, Guidelines. It’s coming along nicely and I can’t wait to share it with the world soon.


  • In May, I worked a total of 57 hours on my side-business. That’s 14 and a bit per week.
  • I also passed the 10,000 email subscriber mark! That’s a massive milestone and I’m really pleased to be growing my audience.
  • My website received about 15,600 sessions and I had over 10,500 users visit the website.


1. Finished the first draft of my new ebook, Guidelines

If you haven’t seen already, I’m working on a new ebook called Guidelines. A few months ago, when deciding what to make next, I thought about what my existing readers would enjoy and benefit from the most. Because my book summaries are one of the most popular resources on my website, I came up with the idea to distill these summaries into a master summary. I thought: what if I write a book that summarises all the main lessons I’ve learned from reading all these books? What if I write them in the form of specific and actionable guidelines people can follow to do better work?

And that’s when I landed on the idea for my new ebook, Guidelines.

This book is ideal for business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers and office workers who want to do better work (without needing to read a tonne of books to learn how).

Writing the book took up the majority of my month and I’m about to start recording for the audio book. The book should be ready to release in the next 2 months, hopefully, sooner (all going to plan).

2. I’m training to become a Registered Financial Adviser

I went on a course earlier in the month to become a registered financial adviser (RFA). This means I’ll officially be able to give advice to people on how to structure their mortgage and offer basic financial advice.

It’s been great learning more about property and personal finance. Even though it’s not the area I studied in, as someone who loves learning, this stuff has been super interesting for me.


As I’ve listened more and more to the Mac Power Users podcast, I’ve been geeking out when it comes to getting more done on the Mac.

I’m really enjoying using Hazel to automate how I organise the documents on my computer. I’ll be sure to talk more about how to use Hazel on the blog very soon.

I’m also using TextExpander to speed up my typing. It’s great for responding to emails, sending texts and typing any kind of repetitive text like email addresses, phone numbers etc…