july 2016 monthly report

July 2016 monthly report

Wow! I can’t believe how fast this year is going by. August already… It’s true, time really does fly when you’re having fun. I’m really happy with my progress in July. In July I was kept busy with consulting clients after a deliberate decision to do more consulting earlier in the year. It’s nice to be doing some one-on-one work and helping teams get some great results.


  • I worked a total of 55 hours on my side-business. That’s just under 14 hours per week.
  • My website received 19,599 sessions by 13,736 users who viewed a total of 40,534 pages. That’s about 9% more sessions than last month.
  • I gained 1,157 new email subscribers so now I have a total of 11,663 as of the end of July.


My Asana consulting is taking off

As I mentioned above, my consulting efforts really started to pay off in July. Earlier in the year I made a deliberate effort to focus more of my time on one-on-one consulting. After working with a few clients, I noticed that a lot of people wanted help getting setup on Asana. So, earlier this month I setup an Asana Consulting page to really hone in on this idea and show people that I’m the guy to talk to when it comes to Asana.

The decision to specialise on a specific niche within productivity has worked really well. I’ve read a lot of advice online about how you should target your services to a specific type of customer, and this decision to focus on Asana consulting was definitely the right move. The way I see it is I can (and do) offer other services, but it’s good to specialise like this to get people in the door first. Once I’ve helped clients with Asana I can then find other ways to help them to be more productive.

Earlier this month I teamed up with the folks at Asana to offer a training session to their premium members. In the session I walked people through my Asana account and demonstrated a few ways of using Asana and tracking different types of work. You can view the replay here. Enjoy!

And of course, if you need any help with Asana, feel free to book a free 30-minute introductory call with me to learn how I can help.

Created an audio book for the 7-Day Productivity Plan

This is a minor, but I also created an audio book to go along with my 7-Day Productivity Plan ebook. If you’ve already finished my email course, then the ebook and audio book are a great way to recap the course and review the lessons.


What else?

Well, Hayley and I are selling our house. We’ve decided this for a bunch of reasons; mainly because the Auckland property market has seen astronomical growth over the last few years and I feel a correction to house prices is imminent. We’re also planning on buying a new family home in about 18 months (after our trip next year) and don’t want to be waiting around for the market to recover if the house prices go down. We know that we can get a good price for the house now and we’d like to de-risk and realise this value before being too greedy and missing out. The good news is we’re not completely out of the market. After we purchased our rental property earlier this year we still have a foot on the property ladder and we wouldn’t be selling if we didn’t have this other property.


Earlier this month we booked our flights and accomodation for the first leg of our 2017 trip. Flights to Bali are booked for the 11th of January and we’ll be spending 6 weeks in a beautiful private villa about 10 minutes from the local surf beach. Stoked!