February 2016 Monthly Report

I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by already. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the last month.


  • I spent approximately 59 hours working on my side-business in February. That’s just under 15 hours a week.
  • The website received 16,929 total website sessions, 11,463 users and 29,261 page views.
  • My email list grew by 1,008 email subscribers (about 15%) and now sits at around 7,669 total subscribers.


Launched an email course on Highbrow.com

The first half of the month was spent setting up a new email course on Highbrow.com.

Highbrow is a really cool newsletter service that helps you to learn new things in just 5-minutes a day. You can sign up to 10-day email courses that teach you about topics ranging from art and writing to running, SEO and productivity.

After taking a few courses I approached the Highbrow guys and offered to create a new course on productivity called: “How to Create a Productivity System”. It launched earlier this month and I’m hoping it’s going to turn into a good source of new website visitors and email subscribers.

NOTE: This course is pretty similar to my 7-Day Productivity Plan and if you’ve already done this, I wouldn’t worry about signing up to the Highbrow course. But definitely, check out the other course on their site.

Hayley & I got the house!

Last month I mentioned that Hayley and I had placed an offer on a new house. Well, we got it! It’s settling in mid-March and we’re really excited to be taking this big step.

Made more behind the scenes improvements to how my email marketing is automated

Email continues to be one of my biggest focuses for connecting with my readers and promoting my content.

Last month I made some more behind the scenes improvements to how subscribers are lead through a series of automated email workflows. Going forward I’m going to set up a new self-selection system that allows subscribers to categories themselves and their needs so that I can better serve people based on their situation.


Last month I was featured on JeffSanders.com. Jeff and I had a great chat on his podcast and discussed energy management, caffeine, and tools for staying productive all day long.

I've also entered the CrossFit open for the first year. This is a global event where athletes compete at their local “box” by doing the same workouts and then submitting their scores to a global leaderboard. We did the first workout the other day and it destroyed me! I'm pretty new and had a crack at the RX weight (the recommend weight) which was heavier than I'm used to. But you know what they say: “no pain, no gain”.

Have an awesome month, be sure to let me know what you're working on!