automation interview with wade foster ceo of zapier

Automation Interview with Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier [PMP #115]

When the team at Zapier reached out to me and asked if I'd like to interview the CEO, Wade Foster, I was like: “Um, heck yeah!”.

If you've followed my work for even a short period of time, you'll probably be aware of how much I LOVE to automate my business and life using tools like Zapier. The way I look at it, why waste time on small mundane tasks when a tool like Zapier can handle them for you?

A lot of people get stuck with Zapier because it comes with a bit of a learning curve. But let me tell you; it's well worth putting in some time to learning how to use it. The amount of time it's saved me to date is astronomical and I can't begin to describe the satisfaction I get from having systems set up to do work for me in the background.

I use Zapier to do things like:

  • When I get a new consulting inquiry via my Google Forms or Calendly, Zapier will set up a new contact and Deal in Pipedrive (my sales CRM). It will even schedule activities for me and my assistant to call at the right times.
  • I use Zapier to automate the flow of client information from Pipedrive to Asana, which is where I manage my client work.
  • I use Zapier to help manage bookings and update my calendar availability.
  • I use Zapier to quickly create Asana tasks, update subscribers in Mailchimp, save email receipts to Dropbox and post Instagram images to Twitter.

In this podcast, I was honoured to be able to chat with Wade about how Zapier came to be, their approach to remote work and of course, we geek out about automation.