alfred 4

Alfred 4: One of my favourite apps just got better

Readers of this blog will know that Alfred is one of my favourite productivity tools. I use it all the time to:

The team at Alfred recently released version 4.0 with a host of new features:

  • Now you can search for and jump to the app's preferences using Alfred's search.
  • The preferences screen has been redesigned making it easier to manage and update. I have to say, in the short time I've been using Alfred 4, I've really appreciated these changes.
  • Alfred 4 is now fully compatible with dark mode.
  • Workflows have been updated. Firstly, there are new workflow objects that make it even easier to build automation workflows (without having to use code). And with the new workflow debugger, it's easier than ever to troubleshoot your workflow errors.
  • Creating your own Alfred themes is now a whole lot easier.
  • There's a new file buffer that lets you pin files and folders to the Alfred search bar making them easier to access and use.
  • …and you can now easily view recent files for different applications.

Alfred is one of those apps that’s worth sinking a few hours into. Take some time this weekend to have a play and I guarantee you’ll find many ways to improve your productivity.

You can upgrade or get started with Alfred 4 at