Why I’m Selling My iPad

I’ve decided to sell my iPad. That’s right! My beloved iPad which at one time I was so happy to receive and use.

Why? For no other reason than I simply don’t use it anymore. It just doesn’t factor into my day and isn’t something I consider to be essential. When I think about how I do my work I live primarily on my MacBook and iPhone, both of which are more superior in terms of performance and convenience. My iPad on the other hand, is a luxury, however, because the hardware now can’t keep up with the latest version of iOS, it’s become a hindrance to use.

For 95% of the time, my iPad sits on my desk right in front of me but never gets used. I’ve grown tired of having this iPad lying around going to waste and would rather remove it from my life rather than have it make me feel guilty about not using it.

I don’t want to play down the usefulness of the iPad. I can see that for some professions the iPad is an invaluable tool. But for me and the work I do, it doesn’t add any value.

It’s funny… I used to want an iPad more than anything. Now, I’m really not fussed.

So, don’t put too much stock into material possessions. Cut the non-essentials and this will free up space for what matters.


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