Most of us have some sort of daily and weekly routine which often changes over time. Here's my current daily routine as at 10/03/17 while traveling South East Asia.

At the moment, my routine is all over the place. Because we're moving around a lot it's a lot harder to get into a consistent daily routine. However, to help improve productivity, my wife, Hayley, and I generally plan our entire week in advance. This involves blocking out time when we're going to work and time for exploring wherever it is that we're staying. This often means we'll have a day on (where we'll work for most of the day) followed by a day off (for doing touristy, travel type things). By taking this disciplined approach to planning we're able to strike a healthy balance between work and play.

On a daily basis, I'll generally wake up and clear my inbox first thing so I can address any important client requests. I'm trying to reduce the total amount of time spent on email. Once I clear the inbox, I close the Mail app and have notifications turned off so that I don't get distracted by new emails coming in. I'll generally check email again in the afternoon, but that's pretty much it for email.

We're also keeping up with regular exercise and trying to get to a gym wherever we are. This is a crucial part of our routine and is what gives us the fuel and energy to do more.



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