Do you want to be more organised, get more done (in less time) and stress less?

Introducing, The Personal Productivity Toolkit

You’re going to learn:

  • How to create your own productivity system because there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to productivity.
  • How to get more done (in less time) by using a few simple process to stay more organised and focused.
  • How to maximise your energy instead of burning out (leaving you with more energy to do fun stuff and enjoy life).
  • How to make consistent and sustainable progress towards your goals (instead of going through short bursts of productivity)


If you’ve ever struggled with time management, prioritisation or a lack of motivation. If you’ve tried a bunch of different apps, but can’t figure out how to get the most out of them. If you struggle with balancing multiple projects and getting stuff done. And if you’ve ever felt stressed out as a result of low productivity. Then worry no longer…

I’ll show you how to be super organised and how to supercharge your productivity. Like you, I want to perform at the highest level at work and in my own company. I want to get things done and still have time left over for the important things like friends and family.

Learn how to get more done (in less time), with less stress TODAY!




  • "I need more time!" I used to think I needed more time. But when I learned more about productivity and how to manage my time properly, I realised that I didn't need more time. I simply needed a better way of managing the time I already have.
  • "I struggle to maintain my focus and keep getting distracted!" Do you ever feel like you have "bursts of productivity"? This often happens when you get a lot done in a short space of time, but it's hard to sustain. I find it's much better to maintain a consistent level of productivity over time. Like this:
  • "I have too much to do!" Between work, your personal life, family and other commitments, do you feel stretched too thin and struggle with balancing multiple projects?
  • "I'm motivated, but struggle to take action!" Often, motivation isn't the issue. The issue is turning these good intentions, into action. What you need is a system that helps you to organise your work so you can take action and do the important work.

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Learn how to get more done (in less time), with less stress TODAY!



Even in our distracting world, there are people who are able to make consistent progress and accomplish their goals. I'm not talking about big shot CEO's. There are also plenty of normal everyday people who just seem to be more organised and get their work done with minimal stress.

Take Anthony for example. Anthony is a real 33-year old guy from the Bay Area in California. For years, Anthony struggled with getting caught behind on his work and would have to work 10–12 hour days just to keep up. He tried reading all the self-help books, watching TED talks and reading productivity articles. He even tried productivity methods like Getting Things Done (GTD) and the Pomodoro technique, but nothing worked.

Anthony described his problem like this:

"I felt like I had quite a lot of knowledge and motivation but couldn't connect this with a practical process. I had all these elements of wisdom gained from books, talks, YouTube videos and life experiences… all of this potential… but I needed the practical tools and systems that I could use to get stuff done."

This is the original email Anthony sent me when he signed up to my 7-Day Productivity Plan (look at the date). You can really feel the pain and frustration in his writing (click to enlarge):

Anthony Abbott email

Now, Anthony has quit his job and is working for himself as a freelancer (something he’s always put off until “one day”). He sets his own hours and as well as working less than before. He now uses his increased available time for surfing and has more than doubled his income!

This is the email I received from him, just a few months later:

anthony-abbott-emailI caught up with Anthony just the other day to see how he’s getting on and listening to him always makes me smile. He’s so much happier now that he’s organised himself and freed up his time. It’s awesome!



  • He adopted my 30-minute weekly review process which I NEVER miss (the single most important part of my weekly routine)
  • He learned how to plan his goals and worked out what he needed to do before quitting his job.
  • He took the essential principles from the toolkit and used them to develop his own productivity routines and system for staying organised.
  • He uncovered the secret about how to organise his workload (and why Asana is the best app for this).
  • He learned the reason why so many high-performers wake up early and transformed how he starts his day.
  • He prioritised his personal life, health and surfing (better than spending 60+ hours a week behind a desk).
  • He purchased the toolkit and took action (he now has a “system” of tools and processes to manage his time).

I’ve heard the stories of many people who have ideas of things they’d like to do “one day”. Things like building a business, quitting your job, traveling the world or learning a new skill. But finding the time for these dreams is next to impossible in your busy day to day life (especially if you don’t have a “system” to keep you organised). Finding the time is one thing, having a system like Anthony describes is another.

Anthony Abbott

Ok, so my latest man crush is this kid Paul Minors. It's kind of kinda crazy, this guy is so young but it's quite apparent he’s going places and his passion for productivity is contagious. I can’t stress enough how good this course is!

Anthony Abbott Freelance Animator

Learn how to get more done (in less time), with less stress TODAY!


Who am I?

My name is Paul Minors. I’ve spent the last 5 years learning as much as I can about productivity so that I can achieve my goals and do more of what makes me happy. Having helped over 6,500 people go through my 7-Day Productivity Plan, I’ve learned the most common problems people struggle with and how to deal with them. And now, I’ve helped hundreds of customers of the Personal Productivity Toolkit to take their productivity to the next level. I also offer one-on-one coaching and would love to meet with you!

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The Personal Productivity Toolkit contains a complete set of resources that will help you to create your own “Personal Productivity System” to organise your workload and time. You’ll learn what I consider to be the “essentials” of productivity, and then you’ll be able to adapt the methods to your own style and develop your own unique productivity system that works for you.

You can choose to use the toolkit in one of two ways:

  1. Do you want to be told exactly what to do to be more organised? If so, then follow the processes I outline in my ebook and coaching videos. Use my recommended approach which has already helped hundreds of people to be more organised and accomplish more.
  2. Do you want to create a system that suits how you like to work? Alternatively, you can use my process and the other resources in the toolkit as a guideline for creating your own "Personal Productivity System". Feel free to adopt the parts that suit how you like to work and use other apps and tools that you already enjoy using.

The purpose of the toolkit is to expose you to everything you need to know to create a system for organising your time/work, whether that's following my process, or developing your own "Personal Productivity System". You’ll learn, not only what I do, but what other productivity experts and past students have done to supercharge their productivity.

What's inside the Personal Productivity Toolkit?



  • The Personal Productivity Handbook(PDF, iBooks, ePup, Mobi).
  • The Personal Productivity Audio Book (MP3).



  • What is productivity? (5:21)
  • Setting your goals (6:57)
  • Actioning your goals (17:11)
  • Getting started with Asana (20:01)
  • Prioritising your tasks (9:15)
  • Scheduling your time (7:32)
  • The weekly review (7:08)
  • Getting started with Evernote (10:06)
  • Productivity Tracker (9:05)

Total time - 1 hours 32 minutes


  • Productivity Tracker
  • Productivity Checklist
  • Calendar Template
  • Weekly Meal Plan
  • Worksheets (x6)
  • Case Studies (x6)


  • Mike Vardy, Productivityist .com (58:18)
  • Stever Robbins, SteverRobbins .com (50:14)
  • Kevan Lee, Buffer .com (46:27)
  • Shawn Blanc, FocusCourse .com (54:10)
  • Julia Roy, WorkHacks .com (59:38)
  • Josh Medeski, JoshMedeski .com (59:28)
  • Alison Groves, Zapier (55:54)
  • Lance Jones, GetFlow .com (58:45)

Total time - 7 hours 23 minutes


My program includes a 60-day money back guarantee. This way, you can purchase the toolkit with absolutely no risk. If it doesn’t work, you get your money back. Simple. And because I can’t delete the files from your computer, you can keep it. This way I’m the one taking on all the risk so you don't have to.


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My Personal Productivity Toolkit comes with a 100% money-back guarantee… but I’m not going to stop there! If you’re not completely satisfied with the toolkit, you can simply email me within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. If you’re not happy, then I don’t want your money. And just to be clear, there are no strings attached, no questions, no “proof” needed (unlike some courses and products). And because I can’t delete the toolkit from your computer, you can keep it. That’s right! Because I want to help you succeed I’m going to take on all the risk, so you don’t have to (read more in my refund policy).

Here's what previous customers have to say

  • Ishem Rahali Ishem Rahali Corporate Trainer, Belgium
    One year ago I was struggling with tackling things I wanted to do at work and in my personal life and always told myself, ”I just don’t have the time to do that!”. Then I stumbled across Paul’s Personal Productivity Toolkit which changed everything! Once I set myself actionable objectives linked to a bigger goal it changed the way I worked.
  • Anthony Gauna Anthony Gauna
    I used to struggle with staying organised and on top of my work and I'm really impressed with the toolkit as I didn't expect it to go in so much detail. I felt that the toolkit paid for itself after just one of the expert interviews and I would have been willing to pay a lot more. I'm grateful for you putting all the hard work into creating it. Thank you Paul!
  • Josh Medeski Josh Medeski
    Wow! As a young professional, Paul has laid out a comprehensive handbook to teach productivity skills and, more importantly, the right mindset for leveraging my time wisely. I'm a productive person, but Paul has really helped me to step things up. He is a great story teller and I highly recommend this book if you need more time and want to live a more meaningful life.
  • Karyn Chalk Karyn Chalk Founder,
    I was struggling to plan my time. I'd feel really busy, but never really accomplish anything. This productivity course has literally transformed how I live my life. I’m now far more organised and less stressed. I wrote a book in 3 months, have streamlined my business and have more free time for the things I love. Thanks Paul, your productivity course is life changing!
  • Arif Hady Arif Hady Sydney, Australia
    I had a great time talking with Paul and his one-on-one advice was incredibly beneficial. I now feel more organised, get more done and am making great progress towards achieving my personal and progressional goals.
  • Henry Reith Henry Reith Founder & Editor,
    Paul's course has some of the most practical advice I've ever seen. His advice is actionable and easy to follow and I'm incredibly impressed with the quality of his work.

Learn how to get more done (in less time), with less stress TODAY!







Who is this product for?

Good question! While I think everyone can benefit from learning about productivity, the Personal Productivity Toolkit is best suited for entrepreneurs and people who are self-employed. It’s also ideal for anyone who works in business, design, programming or any type of office job where you’re using a computer for large amounts of the day.

Which package should I buy?

Naturally I feel the Complete Edition is the best value. It’s absolutely packed with information and I’m completely confident it can change how you live your life. However, I know some people are on a stricter budget which is why I created the Basic Edition. This has got a tonne of great stuff in it and is a great starter. The Strategy Edition is for people who want to take this a little more seriously. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs or if your boss is covering the cost.

That’s a lot of stuff! How long does it all take to go through?

You’re right, there is a lot of stuff. I recommend people start with the audiobook which takes about 3 hours to go through. You can then go back and read the sections that interest you the most.

You can learn the essentials and make big changes to your routine in a matter of days. You’ll then continue to learn and develop your system as you use the bonus resources.

As you read (or listen to) the handbook, you’ll be told when to watch a specific coaching video, interview, complete a worksheet or read a case study. With just 3 hours a week for 4 weeks (which is included in the Calendar Template), you’ll cover the essential components of the toolkit and become a master of productivity.


Which videos do you get in the "Basic Edition"?

Coaching videos: What is productivity, Setting your goals, Getting started with Asana, Prioritising your tasks, Scheduling your time. Expert Interviews: Josh Medeski, Kevan Lee, Mike Vardy, Shawn Blanc, Stever Robbins.

What if I already use another to-do list, do I have to use Asana?

No. I use Asana as an example to tech the concepts of task management. All of the principles can be applied within other task management apps e.g. ToDoist

Is this an online course?

Kind of, expect it’s not online. Where an online course generally gives you access to a website where you can view a bunch of videos, PDFs and other resources, the Personal Productivity Toolkit is a downloadable product. So after you download it, you own it, it’s yours to keep and you can take it anywhere you like without having to login to a website.

Who are you?

My name is Paul Minors. You can learn more about me here and read all of the content I’ve already put out on my blog.

Other questions?

If you still have questions, please get in touch!