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Start with a 2-hour consulting call, plus get my 90-minute Getting Started with Asana video, Asana Rollout Plan and Templates to streamline your Asana rollout.

asana certified pro


Get 1-on-1 support setting up and customising your Asana account.

1) Start with a 2-hour consulting call: On the call, I can review your account, guide your set up, explain key features and address any technical questions or issues you're having.

2) Getting Started with Asana (video): In this 90-minute video, I'll share my "Asana rollout" process including how to set up your account, plan your own training workshop, setting the rules for your team & key features you'll need to cover.

3) Asana Rollout Plan: In this 20-page doucment, I go into even more detail about how to manage the rollout of Asana in your business. This document provides a summary of the most common advice I give to my consulting clients.

4) Asana Templates: Quickly import my templates to set up your account, fast! Includes templates for manaing common types of process, client projects, one-off projects and the rollout of Asana itself.

Don't want to manage the rollout of Asana yourself? Book a 30-minute introductory call with me. On the call, I can learn more about your requirements, you can meet me and we can work out whether we’re a good fit for one another. I'll then send you a no-obligation proposal that addresses the specific problems and objectives that you'd like to work on.

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Kevin Buhler

Paul is THE guy for Asana, period. A gift for clear communication makes him a joy to listen to, and between watching his video and the 1:1 call with him my Asana world is finally in the sweet-spot I've been imagining for it. Paul, keep up the strong work- you've found your niche.

Kevin Buhler

2-Hour consulting call

Getting Started with Asana [Video]

Asana Rollout Plan

Asana Templates

Call Only


Perfect if you just want 1-on-1 support

  • 2-Hour consulting call

  • Getting Started with Asana [Video]

  • Asana Rollout Plan

  • Asana Templates

Call + Video + Templates


Quickly set up your account with my Asana templates

  • 2-Hour consulting call

  • Getting Started with Asana [Video]

  • Asana Rollout Plan

  • Asana Templates

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Sarah Summerall

Paul was essential to getting us all on Asana and helping me overcome by change and decision making anxiety about switching to a new system. Further, he took the time to integrate Asana into Zapier and train me on how to use Asana/Zapier to automate important parts of our email communication process, that will save me the time of sending more than a thousand emails a year. He was very pleasant and easy to work with. Money well spent.

Sarah Summerall Summerall Law