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Over the last 3 years, I've worked with some incredible companies all over the world. From finance, marketing and retail, to manufacturing and SaS. Companies from all verticals are flocking to Pipedrive.

The main reason people work with me is because they don't have time to learn a new system and build out the processes on their own. But over half of the companies I spoke to weren’t a good fit to work with me. Not everyone can afford $7,000+ to have me optimise their account or automate their sales processes (not yet anyway).

That’s why I created the following Pipedrive workshop, training and automation packages. These options are good if you're already reasonably happy with Pipedrive, but need an expert to help optimise your account to get you that last mile. My goal is to help you (or someone on your team) to become your companies own 'Pipedrive Champion'.

Peter Kullman

Paul was a great help in getting our Pipedrive organized as we grow our business and add new sales people. He was able to help us develop better client reports and show us how we can measure each sales person productivity. I would highly recommend anyone who uses Pipedrive to work with Paul to maximize its capabilities.

Peter Kullman Newbridge Marketing Group


PIPEDRIVE WORKSHOP - This is a great option if you (or someone on your team) would like to become the 'Pipedrive champion' at your company. On a 90-minute call (recorded) I will help set up or audit your account, help implement structural changes and train you on key features. The outcome of this call is for us to determine the most effective way to use Pipedrive for your sales process and train your ‘Pipedrive champion’ on how to use key features.

TEAM TRAINING WORKSHOP - Book a 2-hour training workshop (recorded) and I will train your team on Pipedrive best practices and common mistakes to avoid. The purpose of training is to make sure sales people know how to use Pipedrive on a daily basis and adopt key principles, including how and when to move deals, use of custom fields, logging activities, sending email and tracking progress using reports and the dashboard.

PIPEDRIVE MANUAL - When you book team training, you'll also receive my Pipedrive Manual which includes a summary of the best practices and key features. This is a great resource for your team to refer to after training.

LEARN HOW TO AUTOMATE PIPEDRIVE - You can add my training videos to any of the audit packages. When you download my 10-part video training series and learn how automate your Pipedrive account. These videos are based on the most common things I'm asked to automate, like: auto-importing leads, sending automated emails and creating contracts and proposals. Normally, automation like this costs between $5,000-8,000 to implement. Using my videos you can learn automation skills for a fraction of the cost. » Click here to learn more about each video.



If you have any questions about my consulting options, please get in touch.

1-on-1 Pipedrive Workshop (1.5 hours)

Follow Up Session (1-Hour)

Team Training Workshop (2 hours)

30 Days Support

Pipedrive Workshop


Get actionable advice from a Pipedrive Implementation Partner

  • 1-on-1 Pipedrive Workshop (1.5 hours)

  • Follow Up Session (1-Hour)

  • Team Training Workshop (2 hours)

  • 30 Days Support

Workshop, Follow Up and Team Training


Improve the adoption and effectiveness of your sales team

  • 1-on-1 Pipedrive Workshop (1.5 hours)

  • Follow Up Session (1-Hour)

  • Team Training Workshop (2 hours)

  • 30 Days Support

Add my 'How to Automate Pipedrive' video course to your order and save 20%

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