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MailChimp Consulting

Do you need help with MailChimp? I'll help you to organise your list set up, integrate with 3rd party tools and automate your marketing so you can save time and focus on growing your business. Start by booking an introductory call below.


Please note these meetings are for potential new clients only. I respectfully ask you do not book unless you have an intent to explore my services.

Get help with MailChimp:
  • Organise and structure your account so you don't waste money. Learn how to avoid having duplicate subscribers on multiple lists and paying more than you need to.
  • Automate your marketing funnel and generate sales while you sleep. I'll show you how to use MailChimp's powerful automation features to keep in touch with your audience and automate your sales funnel.
  • Customise your emails with relevant content for each subscriber. I'll show you how to customise your emails and send multiple versions based on your subscribers interests.
  • Learn the best practices of email marketing and deliver more value to your audience. Email marketing definitely isn't dead. In fact, it's one of the best tools for growing your audience.
  • If you want to spend less time worrying about the tools, and more time growing your business, then book a call with me and lets get you using MailChimp to its full potential.

» Ready to take action? Book an introductory call to learn more.

MailChimp is the email marketing platform I use to connect with my audience and grow my business. Coming from a marketing background, I find email marketing to be the best channel for engaging with your audience and closing the sale (yes, even better than social media).

If you’re thinking about or already using MailChimp for your email marketing, but you’re not sure whether you’re getting the most out of it. If you’d like help setting up your subscriber lists in the most effective way. If you’d like to spend less time worrying about your tools and more time on growing your business, then lets talk and I’ll show you how to use MailChimp to automate your marketing and grow your business.

Anthony Gauna

From his courses to his podcast, Paul has been someone who I’ve looked up to for answers to my productivity questions. For this reason, I decided to boost my productivity by having him show me how to use Mailchimp. He addressed my questions, was throughout, made sure I easily understood what I wanted to know, and showed me things I didn’t even know I could do. I left feeling confident with Mailchimp and no longer overwhelmed.

Anthony Gauna


mailchimp sketchI’m not sure how to setup my MailChimp lists or automations. Structuring your lists in the most effective way can be a real challenge. Often people end up with too many lists and end up paying for duplicate subscribers.

I need help integrating MailChimp with other tools. Integrating MailChimp into your website, setting up opt-in forms to trigger different workflows and integrating with other tools can be tricky.

I’m using MailChimp and want to increase my sales. I'll take you through the best practices of email marketing so you can get higher open-rates, more clicks and increased sales!


As a user of MailChimp, I can tell you that there's no better tool for managing your email marketing and growing your business.

MailChimp is the perfect tool for managing your email marketing:

  • Automate your sales funnel and welcome new subscribers. I've used MailChimp to automatically welcome new subscribers, share my best content and send users down a sales funnel at just the right time.
  • Keep in touch with regular newsletters. I've found email to be the best tool for developing my relationship with readers, building an audience and share content (yes, even better than social media).
  • Customise your content and personalise your emails. Just because you're automating your emails, doesn't mean they can't be personal. By getting new subscribers to tell me what "type" of person they are, I can customise what emails they receive and even the content in those emails.
  • Increase brand engagement and sales via email. I've found email to be the #1 tool for generating sales and growing my website.

MailChimp makes email marketing easy while still giving you the power and flexibility of other email marketing tools.


When you work with me, you get to work with someone who’s flexible and will adapt to your requirements. We can start by reviewing your account setup to see how you’re already using MailChimp. We'll then look at opportunities to improve your email marketing through automations and newsletters.

How I can help you with MailChimp:

  • Initial account setup and list organisation. I'll help you to structure your account, email lists and merge fields.
  • Setting up automation workflows and sales funnels. Great for email courses, welcoming emails and automated sales.
  • Integration with your website and other tools. We'll make sure MailChimp works with your website and other tools.
  • Ongoing MailChimp support and account refinement. So you never have to feel lost or limited by MailChimp.

Start by booking an introductory callOn the call, I can learn more about your requirements, you can meet me and we can work out whether we’re a good fit for one another. Once I know more about your requirements I'll give you a price quote and project outline so you know exactly what you're going to get when you work with me.

Who am I?

My name is Paul Minors. I've been using MailChimp for the last three years and think it's one of the best tools you can use to manage your email marketing. I've grown my personal email list from nothing, to over 15,000 subscribers. I've worked with a number of clients to help them get more out of their tools, including Asana, Pipedrive and MailChimp. My goal is to help you to master your tools so that you can spend less time worrying about the work, and more time generating sales and growing your business.

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