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Download my 10-part video series and learn how to automate your Pipedrive account. Save thousands of hours a year by automating data entry, emails, activity management, contracts, proposals and more!

Allan Nolan

Paul engineered a modern information workflow for our entire company and the results were fantastic. Our overall administration is now extremely efficient and our staff and clients noticed an immediate difference. We were very pleased with Paul’s solutions and his service levels and would highly recommend him to any company.

Allan Nolan Safety First Training


Over the last 3 years, I've worked with some incredible companies all over the world. From finance, marketing and retail, to manufacturing and SaS. Companies from all verticals are flocking to Pipedrive.

But over half of the companies I spoke to weren’t a good fit to work with me. Not everyone can afford $7,000+ to have me optimise their account or automate their sales processes (not yet anyway).

That’s why I created this “How to automate Pipedrive" video series so that you’d have the exact processes, tools, and guidelines I use to build out Pipedrive automation, and do it yourself for a fraction of the price.


These videos are based on the most common things clients have asked to automate. Normally the implementation of this type of automation costs between $5,000-8,000. Using my videos you can learn automation skills for a fraction of the cost.

These videos are best suited for someone who already has a good understanding of the Pipedrive basics.

Introduction to automation tools

In this video, I’ll introduce you to the different automation tools that we’re going to be using; Pipedrive automation (requires a Gold subscription) and Zapier (min. $20/month).

How to automatically import leads to Pipedrive

In this video, learn how to link your website’s contact or inquiry form to Pipedrive so that new leads can be atomically imported to Pipedrive. We’ll also look at how you can link other sources like Facebook or LinkedIn lead ads to Pipedrive, streamlining your data input process.

How to set up email templates with dynamic fields

Learn how to connect your email account and create email templates in Pipedrive. We’ll use templates in future videos. I’ll also show you how to include ‘Fields’ allowing you to dynamically customise emails with the contacts name, company and other critical information from the deal.

How to automate emails

In this video, learn how to automatically send an email to new deals or when a deal is advanced to a particular stage. This is great for sending new inquiry emails, proposal emails, follow up emails and thank you emails when a deal is won.

How to automate activity creation

In this video, learn how you can automatically create new activities on your deals based on deal stage. For example, after sending a quote or proposal, create a series of follow up activities for 1, 14 and 30 days. This helps to establish a consistent sales process for your team to follow.

How to automatically add people to an email drip campaign

Learn how to automatically add contacts to an email drip campaign that you have set up in Mailchimp (or a similar email system). Using Outfunnel, I’ll show you how to sync your contacts and copy email data like opens and clicks back to your deal. This is perfect for keeping in touch with cold leads or VIP clients via an automated email sequence.

How to automate client bookings in Pipedrive

Learn how to link your Pipedrive account with a scheduling tool like Calendly. I’ll show you how to update an existing deal when a booking is made. This is perfect for booking introductory calls with new leads.

How to automatically create quotes and proposals

In this video, learn how to automatically generate quotes or proposals by linking Pipedrive with Qwilr or Pandadocs. This is perfect if you need to quickly generate a proposal or quote and fill it with information from your deals.

How to automatically fill contracts

Learn how to link Pipedrive with Webmerge, a document automation tool. I’ll show you how to automatically generate pre-filled contracts and forms using data from your Pipedrive deals. We’ll then link Webmerge with Pipedrive so the filled document can be attached to your deal.

How to transfer deals to your project management tool

Finally, learn how to link Pipedrive with project management tools like Asana or Trello. This is great once you’ve won a sale and need to set up a new project or set of tasks to start working on a client project.


I like to cut to the chase pretty quickly. This isn't some long drawn out course where I talk over slides for hours at a time. In each video, watch a real-time demo of me setting up Pipedrive automation. You can stop and start as you like and set up your own automated workflows as you watch.

Here's a brief preview:

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If you need additional support after going through the videos, you can book a Pipedrive audit to get one-on-one support and training for your team. Or, for customised consulting options, please book a complimentary introductory call.

pipedrive audit

Peter Kullman

Paul was a great help in getting our Pipedrive organized as we grow our business and add new sales people. He was able to help us develop better client reports and show us how we can measure each sales person productivity. I would highly recommend anyone who uses Pipedrive to work with Paul to maximize its capabilities.

Peter Kullman Newbridge Marketing Group


Q: How long are the videos?

I know most people don't have the time to figure out how to do all this on their own. My goal in creating these videos was to create comprehensive but concise videos that teach you how to get up and running, fast! The total video time is just over 2 hours. If you implement just one video per week for ten weeks, you can create an automated sales machine that saves you thousands of hours over the course of a year!

Q: What is your experience with Pipedrive?

I've been using Pipedrive since 2015 and to date have helped literally hundreds of users to optimise and automate their Pipedrive accounts. I'm now a recognised Pipedrive Partner meaning Pipedrive themselves consider me to be an expert on the platform. These videos are based on the most common types of things clients have asked me to automate.

Q: What about updates and new videos?

If I create new videos (which is pretty likely), I will send you the updated videos for FREE!


Q: What hidden costs to I need to be aware of?

To automate Pipedrive, you need to be on the Gold plan which is currently $29/user/month. You'll also require a Zapier account. You can start on a free plan but if you need more than 5 Zaps you'll need to go onto their $20/month plan. These are the minimum tools required.

From there, other integrations will have their own associated costs. For example, Webmerge starts at $29/month.

Q: What if I need extra help after watching the videos?

If you need additional support after going through the videos, you can book a Pipedrive workshop to get one-on-one support and training for your team. Or, for customised consulting options, please book a complimentary introductory call.