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i made it through the dip

I made it through ‘the dip’

During my life, I’ve attempted to learn to surf a number of times. When I was in my teens, I purchased a board, tried surfing, it was tough, I gave up and sold the board. […]

missing the point

Missing the point

On Sunday, we went to a waterpark here in Bali and we had a great day zooming down slides and drifting around in inflatable tube. During the day, I noticed a huge number of people […]

can you be 100 percent productive

Can you be 100% productive?

Since coming away to Bali I’ve been working fewer hours than my “normal” day to day life. Partly because I’m no longer working a full-time job (I’m now focusing on this business) and also because […]

Same goal, different tactics

Yesterday I went surfing. Now, when it comes to surfing, I’d say I’m an intermediate. I’m not a beginner, I can catch waves, stand up and even ride along the wave a bit. But I’m […]

a special encounter

A special encounter

Earlier today we had the pleasure of being able to touch real life Sumatran elephants. It’s definitely been one of the highlights of our trip so far and being so close to these magnificent animals […]

appreciate what you already have

Appreciate what you already have

Today we had to ride our scooter from Canggu to Nusa Dua (about 50 minutes) to go to the immigration office. The journey was a little less than pleasurable. It was hot. The roads were […]

time to think

Time to think

I recently read this post by Tim Ferriss about “deloading”. This is the idea that you should schedule time when you lower your volume of work (or do nothing at all) and relax, have some […]


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