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How to write a book in 4 weeks with Bryce Bladon [TPP#42]

Welcome to Productive People, my blog and podcast series dedicated to learning from productive people who are smashing their goals and getting stuff done.

In this episode, I talk to Bryce Bladon from all about his book writing process and how he was able to write a book in just 4 weeks.

Bryce is a master freelancer and if you’re interested in learning more about how to work with and earn more from your clients, check out his book, Hell to Pay. Use the code, PRODUCTIVEPAUL to get 60% off the book (normally $38). This is the largest discount Bryce has ever offered on the book, so please consider supporting his work.

Bryce is also offering 50% off his online course, The Start Freelancing Course. The course contains a complete guide to starting with freelancing, this course offers everything a first-time freelancer needs to succeed in their new career.

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Show notes

  1. Who is Bryce Bladon and what do you do? (2:39)
  2. How is your time currently divided between your different projects (consulting, blogging, podcasting, writing etc…)? (3:36)
  3. What are you favourite “client from hell” stories? (6:55)
  4. What are some common mistakes freelancers make when working with clients? (14:30)
  5. To date, you’ve written 5 books, one of them took just 4 weeks… when it comes to writing (for a blog or book), what does your process look like? (17:43)
  6. When writing, what is your time best spent on? i.e. what are the 20% of tasks that result in 80% of the value/benefits of the book? (24:50)
  7. What are some tactical things people can do when starting on creative projects? (29:10)
  8. Talk to me about productivity porn. What are some of the things people do to make themselves feel productive but not achieve anything? (38:23)
  9. What tools or apps do you use in your productivity workflow? (42:30)
  10. What are your most common book recommendations? (47:05)
  11. What is something you’ve read recently that’s really stuck in your head? (51:54)

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