When to use (and not use) ‘Projects’ in Asana [VIDEO]

A common mistake users make with Asana is setting up more projects than are necessary. This can make it harder to find your work and see everything you have going on. I much prefer keeping everything simple and more minimal.

Firstly, I recommend thinking of projects in three different ways:

  1. Actual projects – These are the actual projects you're working on. They're typically temporary and have a finite lifespan. e.g. events, clients, product launches.
  2. Evergreen projects – These are areas of work you need to manage e.g. Admin work.
  3. Project projects – These are projects used to manage different processes e.g. sales CRM, support tickets.

You should set up a project if you need a lot of space to plan out the work and if you need to take advantage of features like the timeline, forms and custom fields. But for smaller, mini-projects, you could create these as tasks (with subtasks) and add these to an evergreen project.

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