whats the point of my business

What’s the point of my business? [PMP #180]

Depending on how you stumble across me and my website on the internet, you may be confused about what it is that I do.

This is totally understandable because I cover a range of topics. In the past, I’ve struggled to clearly articulate what I do. And depending on who’s asking I may give a different answer.

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So, what is my business all about? Well, the central theme is:


How I do this is by producing content and consulting on a variety of topics (either through a blog post, podcast, interview, YouTube video or through 1:1 consulting):

Book Summaries – This is one of the main ways people find me online. I’ve written summaries of popular business, productivity and self-improvement books that I’ve read. This started from a desire to scratch my own itch as I wanted to easily refer back to useful books that I’d read. After sharing the summaries online I was pleased to see that other people also found them useful. These summaries help you to easily digest and recap the key lessons from best-selling authors so you can improve your productivity and achieve your business or personal goals.

Productivity – This is the first topic I started writing and podcasting about. I’ve always been interested in how to optimise my time. The way I see it, if you can be more productive, you’ll be better equipped to achieve your goals and create the life you’re looking for. This lead me to create products like my Personal Productivity Toolkit.

Asana, Pipedrive and Zapier – In 2016 I started generating a side-income from consulting so I could quit my job. I chose to consult on Asana and Pipedrive as they’re tools that I use every day and felt confident enough educating people on. By using these tools more effectively, you can establish better systems and processes in your business that enable you to save time and achieve more. Zapier entered the mix when I started to do more with automation and linking different systems together. Zapier is like my digital employee that does things for me (without even needing to ask).

Online Business – Starting my consulting business helped me to become self-sufficient and achieve a balance between my work and personal lives that I’d always wanted. So I started to share how I operate my business so others could do the same. This ultimately lead to the creation of my How to become a “virtual consultant” program.

Technology – I share how I use various tools and services to be more productive and organise my work. In the case of Asana, Pipedrive and Zapier, I’ve developed an entire revenue stream from helping people understand and use these tools better. But I often cover other tools that I don’t consult on but use none the less.

Self-Improvement – To support this theme of helping people achieve their goals, I also cover topics like mindset, habits, routines and other areas of self-improvement. Basically, if I can help you to be a better version of yourself, to be more productivity, to be happier, I will.

I’ll end by saying this didn’t all happen at once. The goal of my business has evolved over time. I hope by sharing this central theme and the topics I cover, you can understand why I produce the content that I do and if you’re in a similar line of work, I hope it helps!