What’s Inside the Personal Productivity Toolkit?

In this blog post, I’d like to give you all the details about what’s inside the Personal Productivity Toolkit.

First up, let me give you some background about how the Personal Productivity Toolkit came to be. It was born out of the idea to solve a problem:

Too often, people feel like they have TOO MUCH TO DO and just NOT ENOUGH TIME to do everything in.

However, the problem isn’t that you don't have time, it's deciding how to best to spend your time in the most efficient way so you can get everything done. A lot of people feel overwhelmed by work and this causes them to procrastinate or worse, give up on their goals!

On average 40% of people’s time is considered “unproductive” (KeyOrganisaiton.com). That’s huge! At a typical $35 an hour rate, that’s $29,120 a year spent on “unproductive” things. If 40% of people’s time could be spent more productively, the issue isn’t that they “don’t have time”, it’s finding the best way to spend this time.

Like you, I want to perform at the highest level at work and in my own company. I want to get things done and still have time left over for the important things like friends and family.

The Personal Productivity Toolkit is releasing this week!



  • Tuesday, 27th October
  • 12:00pm PDT
  • 3:00pm EDT
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It's turning these good intentions, into action.

Having received hundreds of emails from people about their productivity concerns, here's what I've found to be the most common productivity problems:

1. Feeling like there's "not enough time". When you aim high and chase big goals, you're going to have a long list of tasks you need to complete, but not enough hours in the day. Prioritising tasks is tough, how do you know what deserves your time and what should be left alone? This can ruin your motivation which leads to procrastination, making you feel like you’re not doing your best work. On top of this, your time is taken up by never-ending emails, pointless meetings and constant interruptions.

Sunrise Calendar V22. Having an unproductive personal life. Finding the time to focus and get stuff done is almost impossible. This stress can even transfer into your personal life. I know of people who are up all night, worrying about their to-do list. As a result, your personal relationships feel the pain and weekends are used as an opportunity to do nothing instead of doing the things you love.

3. Taking action isn't always easy. Motivation isn't the issue. You often know what needs to be done and have a clear goal in mind. But turning these good intentions into action isn't always easy.

Anthony, one of my case studies in the Personal Productivity Toolkit, described his problem like this:

"I felt like I had quite a lot of knowledge and motivation but couldn't connect this with a practical process. I had all these elements of wisdom gained from books, talks, YouTube videos and life experiences… all of this potential… but I needed the practical tools and systems that I could use to get stuff done."

I’ve heard the stories of many people who have ideas of things they’d like to do “one day”. Like build a business or pursue some other dream. But finding the time for these dreams is next to impossible in your busy day to day life. Finding the time is one thing, having a system like Anthony describes is another.

If you’re self-employed or work in a high-pressure role then your need to be productive is even more important. Time is money and when you’re building a business or have large responsibilities then you need to be making the right decisions to keep your customers, employees or boss happy.


Productivity is one of the most important skills you need to learn. Time is a finite resource and when you spend time on an activity, you’ll never get this back. Choosing how to spend your time is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever need to make. Here's why I think productivity is such an important skill to learn:

iPhone Evernote V21. Get more done, with less stress. By learning how to become a more productive person you can get more done with less stress, leaving you with more time and energy for the things you care about.

2. Do more of the things you love. Wish you could start a business, travel more, free up your weekends or spend more time with the family? By learning how to allocate your time and properly manage your energy, you can turn these dreams into a reality.

So, what are you waiting for?

You know that being productive is important, so what’s holding you back? You’ve read the blog posts on how to schedule your time, how to deal with email and the "10 tips to help you get more out of your day”.

But is this working? These posts are often just "link bait" and the writers don’t really care about helping you.

After years of research, testing and having helped thousands of people go through my 7-Day Productivity Plan I’ve found the solution is to have:

1) A productive mindset that keeps you on track.

2) A system of tools and processes that supports your goals.

Productivity isn’t just about getting more done at work. It’s a tool for getting more out of life. By being more effective and efficient in everything that you do, productivity can benefit all aspects of your life. Be more productive and spend more time with your friends and family, start new side-projects and do the things you've always marked for "one day".

Karyn Chalk“This productivity course has literally transformed how I live my live. I’m now far more organised and less stressed. I wrote a book in 3 months and have streamlined how I run my business. One of the biggest things I have also noticed is how my personal life has been affected as I now have more free time for the things I love. Thanks Paul, your productivity course is life changing!”

- Karyn Chalk, ChangingWays.co.nz

The Personal Productivity Toolkit

The Personal Productivity Toolkit contains a complete set of resources that will teach you how to create a productive mindset and system. I’ve spent the last 12 months curating this content and putting everything I know into this one download.

The Personal Productivity Handbook is where you’ll learn the bulk of my methods. It’s highly detailed and I’ll take you through step-by-step what I do and how to create your own productive routine.

But don’t take my word for it. I’ve also included 6 case studies from people who have applied these ideas and transformed their lives. There are also 9 expert interviews from productivity experts round the world who will share their productivity wisdom with you.

There are also a bunch of worksheets, coaching videos and other resources to help you take control of your task list, schedule your time, maximise your energy and get more done.

Anthony Abbott V2Ok, so my latest man crush is this kid Paul Minors. It's kind of kinda crazy, this guy is so young but it's quite apparent he’s going places and his passion for productivity is contagious. I can’t stress enough how good this course is!

- Anthony Abbott, Freelance Animator.

The Complete Edition will contain everything you need to create your own productivity “system”.

The Personal Productivity Toolkit - Complete Edition V2


  • The Personal Productivity Handbook (PDF, ePub, Mobi)
  • The Personal Productivity Handbook Audiobook (mp3)
  • Coaching Videos x 9
  • Case Studies x 6
  • Expert Interviews x 8
  • Worksheets x 6
  • Productivity Checklist
  • Calendar Template
  • Productivity Tracker
  • Weekly Meal Plan

Coaching Videos

  • Video 1: What is productivity?
  • Video 2: Planning your 90-day goals
  • Video 3: Dissecting your goals
  • Video 4: Getting started with Asana
  • Video 5: Prioritising your tasks
  • Video 6: Scheduling your time
  • Video 7: The weekly review
  • Video 8: Getting started with Evernote
  • Video 9: Productivity Tracker

Expert Interviews

  • Mike Vardy, Productivityist.com
  • Kevan Lee, Buffer.com
  • Josh Medeski, JoshMedeski.com
  • Shawn Blanc, TheFocusCourse.com
  • Stever Robins, QuickandDirtyTips.com
  • Lance Jones, GetFlow.com
  • Alison Groves, Zapier.com
  • Julia Roy, WorkHacks.com

As you can see, it’s absolutely packed with resources to help you to create the motivation and a system that will enable you to learn a more productive and fulfilling life.

Umberto Percoco"I find that when I have a plan of action and everything is organised in Asana I’m less stressed as I don’t need to remember to do things and don’t worry about stuff getting done.”

- Umberto Percoco, Professor, University of the Andes, Venezuela


Who is this product for?

Good question! While I think everyone can benefit from learning about productivity, the Personal Productivity Toolkit is best suited for entrepreneurs and people who are self-employed. It’s also ideal for anyone who works in business, design, programming or any type of office job where you’re using a computer for large amounts of the day.

Which package should I buy?

Naturally I feel the Complete Edition is the best value. It’s absolutely packed with information and I’m completely confident it can change how you live your life. However, I know some people are on a stricter budget which is why I created the Basic Edition. This has got a tonne of great stuff in it and is a great starter. The Strategy Edition is for people who want to take this a little more seriously. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs or if your boss is covering the cost.

That’s a lot of stuff! How long does it all take to go through?

You’re right, there is a lot of stuff. I recommend people start with the audiobook which takes about 3 hours to go through. You can then go back and read the sections that interest you the most.

You can learn the essentials and make big changes to your routine in a matter of days. You’ll then continue to learn and develop your system as you use the bonus resources.

Who are you?

My name is Paul Minors. You can learn more about me here and read all of the content I’ve already put out on my blog.

Aren’t you a bit young?

I’m 24, but if you’re worried about my age, then feel free to download the sample chapter where you can take a look at my writing style and the content I’ve put together. I’ve also got tonnes of good stuff on the blog so I’ll let you be a judge of whether age is an issue.

What if I don’t like it?

I’ve never been more confident in something I’ve made than this. But if you don’t like it, I am happy to issue a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Other questions?

If you still have questions, please get in touch!