side hustle productivity with nick loper

TPP #32: Side hustle productivity with Nick Loper

Welcome to Productive People, my blog and podcast series dedicated to learning from productive people who are smashing their goals and getting stuff done.

In this episode of the Productivity Podcast, I talk to Nick Loper from all about productivity tips and tricks for side-hustlers… This was a really exciting episode for me because it’s perfect for the situation I’m in right now; I’m trying to grow a business on the side of my day job, and so it was really great to talk to Nick about how to be more efficient with my time and effective with growing my business.

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Show notes

  • Introduction to Nick and Side Hustle Nation (1:40)
  • How should side-hustlers prioritise their work when time itself is so limited? (4:36)
  • The importance of consistency when working on a side-project (7:40)
  • Is there a tipping point where you know that you’ve made it with your side-hustle? (12:10)
  • Is there a type of business which is more suitable for side-hustlers? (15:25)
  • What are the pros and cons of selling stuff on a marketplace, like Amazon, vs. your own website? (20:58)
  • Could you talk us through your approach to “time chunking”? (22:35)
  • How do you maintain a healthy relationship with your spouse while working on a side-business? (28:24)
  • How can people slow down and focus more on essential tasks? (29:34)
  • Can you tell us about your virtual assistant website and how side-hustlers can get started with outsourcing work? (31:14)
  • What were some of the first few tasks that you started to outsource? (34:23)
  • What sort of rates do virtual assistants charge? (37:33)
  • What are the common productivity tricks and habits that side-hustlers use to work on their business? (40:38)
  • Why do you take cold showers? (42:27)
  • Could you share a success story of someone who’s started a side-business and quit their job (46:13)