Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: The tools I use to operate my business

If you run an online business (like me) you know that you need loads of different tools to manage your website, online sales, email marketing etc. Getting all these tools to work together seamlessly can be a bit of a challenge.

On the following Zoom call, I shared a behind the scenes look at the tools I use to run my business. I show you how I've set up my website, eCommerce system, email marketing, sales CRM, client booking system and how they all work together like a well-oiled machine! You can view the Miro board from the video here.

WordPress (free) & Hosting ($24/mo)

  • My Website is built on WordPress (hosting on CloudWays).
  • I use all the normal features like Pages and Posts to create the site and the content.
  • I use OptimizePress for some of the nicely designed product pages.
  • Backed up using Vaultpress (my host also keeps backups but it’s good to have multiple).

eCommerce ($299/yr)

  • I use Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) for managing my products, customers, discount codes and payment data.
  • Receipts and download links are all sent via the EDD system (via Mailgun).
  • EDD also allows me to create an ‘Account’ page where customers can see their purchase history and download invoices.
  • I use the Recurring Payments add on for subscriptions.
  • I use the Content Restriction add on for managing my course pages (with WP Complete for managing lesson completion).
  • Payments made via Paypal and Stripe which get deposited into my bank account once a week.

ConvertKit ($320/mo) & RightMessage ($129/mo):

  • ConvertKit (affiliate link) is used for all my email signups forms, automated messages, sales funnels and weekly newsletters.
  • I use tags to group people into different categories (e.g. newsletter, asana newsletter).
  • RightMessage (affiliate link) is used for some email signups and subscriber enrichment so I can personalise my emails and landing pages.
  • Syncs with EDD via their add on so I can send purchase data to CK and trigger follow up sequences.

DeadlineFunnel ($99/mo)

  • I use DeadlineFunnel for setting up evergreen sales funnels where the subscriber receives a limited-time link.
  • DeadlineFunnel also adds evergreen countdown times to the sales pages on the website.

Calendly ($15/mo)

  • I use RightMessage with Calendly to create a lead inquiry booking process on my website that adds new deals to Pipedrive.
  • I also use Calendly for booking client meetings that get added to Asana.
  • Calendly is integrated with Zoom so it sets up a Zoom call and adds all the details to the email and calendar event.
  • Calendly sends email reminders before the call.
  • The appointment gets added to Google Calendar (which I can see in Apple Calendar on the Mac and iPhone).
  • I can also use it to take a $50 payment for priority bookings by connecting to Stripe.

Pipedrive ($25/mo)

  • New inquiries are added to Pipedrive (via Zapier).
  • When I win a deal, Zapier updates their profile in ConvertKit so my clients get relevant newsletters.
  • When a deal is won, Zapier creates new tasks in Asana.

Asana ($10.99/mo)

  • Used to manage all day to day work, client work, content planning etc. (basically anything I need to do).
  • Linked with Pipedrive and Calendly via Zapier.