The right way to store notes in Asana

I often get asked about how to use Asana for note-taking and how Asana should be used alongside other tools like Evernote, OneNote or Notion.

My advice is if the notes you're writing or want to keep are related to a project or task, store them appropriately in Asana. Either on the ‘Overview' tab, in the ‘Conversations' or the task description. e.g. meetings, task briefs, support tickets etc. TIP: Use the task description for permanent notes and comments for task updates.

But if you just want to ‘store information' that's not related to a task or project, this is where I question whether Asana is the right tool? Perhaps Notion, Evernote or OneNote would be better. If you do use Asana, make it clear that the task or project is NOT actionable.

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