The Personal Productivity Handbook Update 1 V4

The Personal Productivity Toolkit – Update #1

I've started putting together a new suite of products called The Personal Productivity Toolkit to help people to be more productive. In this post I'd love to share some screenshots from the handbook that comes as part of the toolkit. I've finished the first draft of the handbook and I'm really happy with the content and how it's all coming together. Initially I thought that video would be the best medium to teach people about productivity but I've found that writing a book allows me to go into a lot more detail. I'm still going to include coaching videos as part of the toolkit, but the main theory will now be delivered through the book.

As part of the Personal Productivity Toolkit I'm going to be including worksheets, coaching videos, expert interviews, templates, checklists and more. One of the cool things I'm doing in the book is including little prompts which tell you when to complete a particular worksheet or watch a specific video. One of my goals with the toolkit is to create a very clear step-by-step system tells you how to be more productive. These prompts link all the content in the toolkit together in a useful way and really guides you through the content.

Here are some screenshots from the handbook:Front Cover Schedule Your Time Task ManagementDaily Journal