The Personal Productivity Toolkit – Case Study

In this post I'd like to share a case study from the Personal Productivity Toolkit (releasing soon). As part of the toolkit you'll receive 6 of these case studies which are a great way to see how everyday people are using this advice to supercharge their productivity and get more done.

The case study I'm going to share is from Anthony Abbott. Anthony has an amazing success story; he was working as an animator in the Bay Area and recently left his job to pursue a freelancing career. By setting clear goals, planning his time and reviewing his progress on a regular basis, Anthony made massive improvements to his personal productivity. He has more than doubled his salary, he now works with clients like Apple, sets his own hours and still has time to go surfing whenever he wants.

Anthony's story is a great example of how productivity applies to almost anything you set your mind to. By being more effective and efficient he's been able to make massive progress towards bringing his goals to life. He's always been highly motivated and read books about how to achieve greatness, but struggled to implement this advice on a practical level. Now that he has a productivity “system” he's been able to bridge the gap between motivation and actually getting stuff done.

Anthony Abbott V2“Ok so my latest man crush is this kid Paul Minors. Its kind of kinda crazy, this guy is so young but its quite apparent he’s going places and his passion for productivity is contagious. I can’t stress enough how good this course is!”

Anthony Abbott



  • Tuesday, 27th October
  • 12:00pm PDT
  • 3:00pm EDT
  • Discounted for 48hrs!

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The Personal Productivity Toolkit will include everything you need to learn about creating a productive lifestyle:

  • The Personal Productivity Handbook (epub, mobi, ibooks and PDF)
  • The Personal Productivity Audio Book (mp3)
  • Worksheets x 6
  • Coaching Videos x 9
  • Expert interviews x 7
  • Case Studies x 6
  • Productivity Tracker
  • Productivity Checklist
  • Calendar Template
  • Weekly Meal Plan

Keep an eye out next week for a free expert interview which I'll be releasing before the launch! I’ll also be releasing more information about the Personal Productivity Toolkit soon. Until then, enjoy the case study!