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TPP #5: 16 Productivity Tips for Part-Time Entrepreneurs

“We are in control of the one asset that we all give the most f#%ks about, and that is time.” – Gary Vaynerchuk Do you work a full-time job but struggle to find time for side-projects or your part-time business? You work 9-5 and come home motivated to work but often lack the energy to do anything. […]

Why I Switched to Sunrise Calendar

That’s right… I’ve moved from the Apple Calendar which I’ve been using as my default calendar for years and I’m now using Sunrise Calendar to plan my time and stay organised.

A little bit of background context… I love Apple products. I’m heavily tied up in the Apple ecosystem with the iPhone, iPad and MacBook as my primary devices. I live on iCloud and have stuck within Apple’s suite of default apps like the Calendar and Reminders for most of my productive life. So moving from the Apple Calendar is a big deal and part of me feels as if I’m cheating on Apple. I’d like to say it was a one time thing, but in reality, the Sunrise Calendar is awesome and it does things for me that the Apple Calendar just can’t. Is this getting a bit creepy?