Setting up sales goals and KPI’s in Pipedrive [VIDEO]

One of the main reasons to use a sales CRM is to extract valuable information about your sales process and the performance of your team.

Using the ‘Goals' feature within the Pipedrive Insights, you can set up sales targets and key performance indicators for you or your sales team. Goals can be assigned to a specific user, team (Professional plan) or the entire company.

You can create different types of goals, for example:

  • Deals Added » Useful for making sure you're inputting enough new deals at the top of your sales funnel.
  • Deals Progress» Useful for people on your sales team who need to progress deals to a certain stage for the sales team e.g. qualifying leads or booking discovery sessions.
  • Deals Won » Create revenue targets for your sales team to close a certain number/value of deals per month.
    Activities Completed » Useful for tracking the activity of your sales team e.g. you could create a goal to complete a certain number of calls or demos per week.
  • Revenue Forecast (Professional Plan) » This is great for longer sales cycles where you need to forecast when deals are going to close.

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